Posted by: emmaharger | November 9, 2011

The Bruins’ big weekend in the T.O.

Before the Bruins went into the Air Canada Center and handed the division leading Maple Leafs an immense 7-0 loss, they took some time out to go pay their respects and see the new team-related displays at the Hockey Hall of Fame. (Which, by the way, I really want to go to someday. I just kind of really want to go to Toronto.)

The guys had an hour of autograph signing and toured the Hall too.

Tuukka Rask and Tim Thomas sign autographs. Goalie time!

Hello, fellow lefty Patrice Bergeron.

Andrew Ference, who looks fantastic even with that injury, and Brad Marchand sign autographs too.

 Some of the guys were photographed looking at the new display devoted to the current Stanley Cup champions. Ah, still feels really nice to type that. It’s full of neat memorabilia like one of Tim Thomas’ sticks and even two of the beers that were available in the dressing room after the win.

This is a Twitpic, so don't mind the slightly low quality, but that's Ference again.

The rookie who did an amazing job in the playoffs!

Lovely Bergeron takes his turn looking at the display. Note the photo of him hugging Mark Recchi.

Bergeron also got a look at the 2010 Olympics display and told the story of finding Sidney Crosby's glove in his equipment bag.

Cam Neely also put a Bruins champion ring in the display that includes champion rings from 2007-2010 and now 2011!

 Perhaps going and paying their respects at the vaunted Hall of Fame helped the Bruins get their mojo going so they could perform so well against the hometown team? If it helped, great! We needed a big victory like that.


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