Posted by: emmaharger | November 13, 2011

Bruins game 15 wrapup

Buffalo Sabres at Boston Bruins

6-2, Bruins

Goals: Thomas Vanek (Buffalo), Rich Peverley (Boston), Tyler Seguin x2 (Boston), Nathan Horton (Boston), Chris Kelly (Boston), Brad Marchand (Boston), Marc-Andre Gragnani (Buffalo)

Goalies: Tim Thomas (.913%), Ryan Miller (.864%), Jhonas Enroth (.769%)

The Good:

The reunion of Lt. Charles Jacobs with his parents for the ceremonial puck drop!

Even Jack Edwards admitted he got teary-eyed at this. I certainly did too.

We continued our winning streak (which Marc Savard predicted would happen), so now we’re above .500 and not in the Eastern Conference basement anymore! Yay!

Rich Peverley‘s lovely goal opened up Boston’s scoring and then from there it just escalated. To borrow another Edwards-ism, it was a six-pack for the Bruins. We even continued our quick-strike of scoring two goals in under a minute (we’ve done this nine times so far this season) when Tyler Seguin scored his first of the night in the second period and Nathan Horton got one past Ryan Miller 16 seconds later. It was also nice to see Chris Kelly (wearing the A in Andrew Ference‘s injury-necessitated absence) get a goal too.

Patrice Bergeron is killer in the faceoff circle. Boston ended up winning a ridiculously high percentage of faceoffs and part of that is because of Bergy. He also assisted on Seguin’s second goal of the night, the one that caused Edwards to raise his voice in surprise. He was even seen getting a little chirpy with a Sabre; maybe an effect of adopting more physical play this year.

Speaking of Bergy, that second line! Brad Marchand and Seguin assisting on each other’s goals! Seguin already matching his entire production last season, leading the entire league in plus-minus right now and nipping right at Phil Kessel‘s heels to potentially lead the league in goals (Kessel has 12, Seguin 11)!

The guys who party together score together.

 The Bad:

The first goal by Buffalo was a weird little one that involved a bounce off Tim Thomas‘ leg. I mean, in the end, we came away with a decisive win, but still that was a strange goal. However, Thomas later said in an interview “What first goal? Who cares about the first goal?” So, there you have it.

My goalie, my troll.

The Ugly:

Okay, I’m going to take a deep breath and center myself before talking about the Milan Lucic-Ryan Miller situation. Here’s what happened: Lucic gets the puck in the Boston zone and takes off to the Buffalo zone, getting onto a breakaway. Miller, seeing this developing and wanting to stop it, instead of thinking about ways to stop a breakaway from inside the blue paint, goes really far out to the circles. Lucic approaches, traveling at max speed on ice, all 220 pounds of him. Miller stands there and, in fact, turns his shoulder out slightly as Lucic approaches. Wham! Lucic slams into him, although he didn’t leave his feet or intend to aim for his head, and he slashes wildly at Lucic as he falls to the ice.

…Or just watch video of it here.

Now then, when Tuukka Rask did this a few weeks ago in Montreal, he executed it differently; he kept moving as he stopped Max Pacioretty‘s breakaway, sliding on the ice and effectively keeping the score from increasing while not being injured.

Miller was able to play an entire period after this, though he was replaced in the third. He reportedly had some neck pain. I do hope he feels better. However, I also hope he learns how to not run his mouth off to the press after the game. He went on the record calling Lucic a piece of…excrement and said his play was gutless and unbelievable. Meanwhile Lucic explained that it is very difficult to stop 220 pounds of motion going about 20 miles an hour on ice instantaneously (obvious to anyone who has studied very basic physics or learned to drive) and that he didn’t mean to do it. We’ll see if Shanahan gets into this–I think there’s no call for it, personally–but when people started asking me how I’d feel if that happened to my goalie, I just point out that one of them did do that…successfully. Meanwhile, the other one? Well, just look up something like “Tim Thomas Alex Burrows” on Youtube.

Next Game:

vs. New Jersey Devils

Tuesday, November 15

NESN/Center Ice

The Bruins continue their home stand while the Devils come off beating the Capitals 3-2 in a shootout. This game is going to be interesting.


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