Posted by: emmaharger | November 14, 2011

No suspension for Lucic based on lack of intent

It’s official: upon reviewing the video, consulting the rulebooks and having a conference call with Milan Lucic, Shanahan has announced that Lucic will not receive a suspension for the Saturday night hit on Ryan Miller.

Shanahan decided to hear from Lucic because he had some questions to ask him. He asked about his intent, when he knew there was going to be a collision and if he had the time to avoid it. Lucic has already said on the record that he had no intent to hit Miller and that he was just going too fast and didn’t have enough time to stop (again, sheer physics). I’m sure he told Shanahan the same thing. Shanahan was satisfied with his answers.

The minor penalty for charging stands because the official rules state that goalies aren’t fair game just because they’re out of the crease (42.1), which should helpfully put that particular argument to bed. (Side note: Is there an online version of the full rulebook? A pdf or something? I could use a copy of that and the hand signals for penalty calling so I can learn to identify them at college games, where they’re not called verbally.)

So, Lucic will be able to play tomorrow against New Jersey, although Miller was diagnosed with a concussion and is considered day to day. He was diagnosed by Bruins team doctors, I should note, according to Sabres beat writer Mike Harrington. This leads me to wonder what happened with Sabres team doctors and why they didn’t immediately send him to the quiet room if they suspected anything, allowing him to play a whole ‘nother period before swapping him for Jhonas Enroth. Better safe than sorry, I say, especially when it comes to head injuries.

Now can we please put all these arguments about the situation to bed since the official call has been made? Thanks.


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