Posted by: kristagolden | November 19, 2011

Blackhawks-Flames Game 2 wrapup

Chicago Blackhawks at Calgary Flames

5-2, Flames

Goals: Lee Stempniak (Calgary), Viktor Stalberg (Chicago), Rene Bourque (Calgary), Paul Byron (Calgary), Marian Hossa (Chicago), Curtis Glencross x2 (Calgary)

Goalies: Corey Crawford (.808), Miikka Kiprusoff (.938)

The Good

We saw the return of Ben Smith! It was good to see #28 on the ice again!

Well, not like THAT.

Corey Crawford tried his best and even make a wicked save in the third period that would make you crave a cigarette afterward. I feel badly that he was hung out to dry tonight.

He can't do it all, you guys. Sheesh.

Yeah, those were the only good things in the entire game.

The Bad

TOO. MANY. TURNOVERS. We kept losing the puck, and it made us look sloppy as ever. We seriously haven’t played this badly in a while.

Brian Bickell gives us his interpretation of the game.

The really bad thing for us was Miikka Kiprusoff – his team may not be performing like they want, but Kipper swatted our shots away like lowly flies.

No, the REALLY bad thing for us was the lazy defense we had tonight. I was wondering if they were all asleep out there. It was so bad that Duncan Keith was benched with 11 to go in the third. I just…ugh.

I don't even know what Hammer's doing, but it didn't help things.

The Ugly

It should’ve been 2-1 Blackhawks at the end of the first, but the very first goal  was waved off because the ref was in a bad position to see that the puck wasn’t covered by Kipper’s pad. Jonathan Toews had the right to go after the puck and did so, but the goal was blown dead. Why do the refs hate our goal attempts?

The two goals the Flames got in quick succession early in the second period were the result of sloppy defense and miscommunication. I thought we’d left that back in October where it belongs.

One of the Blackhawks reporters I follow on Twitter mentioned that this game is always either before or after the Vancouver game, and the hype from that match never bodes well for this one. It’s like we’re lax for this game and awake for that one.

Next Game

vs. Edmonton Oilers

November 19

CSN-Chicago/Center Ice

This game just happens to be on Patrick Kane’s 23rd birthday, so we need to win it for Kaner!

– Krista

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