Posted by: emmaharger | November 20, 2011

Bruins game 18 wrapup

Boston Bruins at New York Islanders

6-0, Bruins

Goals: Patrice Bergeron, Nathan Horton, Chris Kelly x2, Andrew Ference, Zdeno Chara (Boston)

Goalies: Tim Thomas (1.000%), Rick DiPietro (.769%), Anders Nilsson (.824%)

The Good:

For a Boston fan, I don’t know if anything was bad about this game.

Both of these fellas in the main focus here had a good night.

 Tim Thomas earned his 28th career shutout, placing him squarely and solely in third place among all Bruins in terms of shutouts. He’s now in the vaunted company of Frank Brimsek and Tiny Thompson, although he has a looong way to go before matching or exceeding Thompson’s record. I still think that mo of his has some good mojo in it.

Oh my goodness. Is this real life?

A Patrice Bergeron goal!! Yes! Not an assist, a goal! It all started with a bit of gorgeous back-and-forth, then Tyler Seguin got that puck down to the most opportune zone, gave a sweet pass to Bergeron and he lit the lamp. This opened Boston’s scoring for the night and just made me so happy since Bergeron is my favorite player and he hasn’t scored goals much lately.

Did you know that we have won every single game this season in which Chris Kelly scored a goal, let alone two?

Keep it up, Cageface Prime!

 Nathan Horton also scored on the power play and another aspect of Seguin’s talents became evident: he can also be used to draw penalties and put Boston on the PP. (Jack Edwards, he of the man-crush on Seguin, pointed this out. The guy is a font of knowledge!)

Two defensemen also scored tonight: Andrew Ference, posting his first goal in 21 games, and Zdeno Chara, who went top shelf, a place that only he can reach without standing on tiptoe!

The Bad:

Aside from some slightly shoddy cross-ice passing during the power play, and the continued little oopsies I continue to see mostly with the top and not the second line, I didn’t see much tonight that was too bad.

The Ugly:

Honestly, I felt kind of bad about the way this game went. I like the Islanders. Vicky has taught me love for the team. The guys are good guys. So I kind of felt bad for my team defeating a team I also like so decisively on their home ice. There are some problems on Long Island and I hope they solve them because I want to see my Islander fan friends happy.

Next Game:

at Montreal Canadiens

November 21


This is going to be explosive. It’s the Habs, of course, and we didn’t do too well in our first two showings against them, but that was October!Bruins. We are now November!Bruins, the kind of team that has won every game this month and most of them with goal totals exceeding five. However, the Rangers just had to go ahead and pump Montreal’s tires by losing 4-0 to them today. That won’t help going into this game. Monday night will certainly be interesting.


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