Posted by: emmaharger | November 25, 2011

Man of the Day 11/25: Rich Peverley

John Richard Peverley

Born July 8, 1982 (age 29) in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Center for the Boston Bruins

In surveying the list of Bruins we have profiled here, I noticed a glaring omission: Peverley, or Pevs (officially) or Perv (unofficially) for short! Peverley grew up in the Guelph area and started out playing minor is among the ranks of hockey players who hold college degrees, having graduated from St. Lawrence University with a degree in economics. He also played for their team all four years. After graduation, he also went through a postgrad struggle to break into the world of work, eventually getting in with the South Carolina Stingrays and playing just one game for the Portland Pirates. Upon being traded to the Milwaukee Admirals and performing very well for that club, Milwaukee’s parent Nashville noticed him and signed him as a free agent in January 2007. After that season, he split time fairly evenly between Nashville and Milwaukee, notably going along for Nashville’s playoffs run that year.

About two years after Nashville signed Peverley, in his first season starting on an NHL roster, they put him on waivers and Atlanta claimed him. I’m going to expose some of my lingering Feelings here but honestly if you look at the numbers, his time as a Thrasher was good for him. He had his best year to date in 2009-10 (22 G, 33 A), a 13 G 22 A year preceding that one and his shortened final season in blue was a 14 G 20 A kind of year. Then in February of this year, just as I’d really started becoming a fan and right as I’d really settled on a nickname for him, he and Boris Valabik went up to Boston in exchange for Blake Wheeler and Mark Stuart. Of course, we all know what happened four months after that trade.

Yep, that happened!

 Peverley has fit in well with Boston so far. Last season, in which he played just 23 regular games, he scored 4 goals and 3 assists while spending a mere 2 minutes in the sin bin. In the playoffs, he played in all 25 games, getting 4 goals and 8 assists with 17 penalty minutes. He also scored the game-winning goal in game 3 of the quarterfinals against Montreal. For a while earlier this season, they tried slotting him on the second line with Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand; while it worked well, the revamped second line has been explosive, although it’s not as if Peverley is just riding the pine. He’s already turned in 4 goals and 8 assists in 18 games played so far and, with just 6 minutes of penalties, works hard while mostly avoiding the bin. Plus, he’s a good guy. He calls Weezer’s Beverly Hills his favorite song, undoubtedly for the pun possibilities, and describes himself as an honest morning person who would be John Bucyk if he could choose. What I especially value about him is his unwillingness to trash talk a team that gave him a chance to make some great offensive strides. There have been interviews in which reporters attempt to get him to comment on playing in Atlanta and he only says good things. (Considering that Atlanta’s own captain couldn’t restrain himself, someone who doesn’t mouth off is quite valued.) It’s for all of the reasons above, and his recognition of my Atlanta-themed sign at the game last month, that I will definitely continue to follow Peverley Hills in his new city.

He also shows that Patrick Kane isn't the only one who can nibble on his mouthguard.


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