Posted by: emmaharger | November 27, 2011

Bruins game 22 wrapup

Winnipeg Jets at Boston Bruins

4-2, Bruins

Goals: Evander Kane (Winnipeg), Dustin Byfuglien (Winnipeg), Zdeno Chara, Chris Kelly x2, Brad Marchand (Boston)

Goalies: Tim Thomas (.952%), Ondrej Pavelec (.914%)

The Good:

Okay, I knew this game was going to be weird and it kind of was. It was like a high school reunion or something, except it was all about revisiting people I used to really admire but can’t anymore due to extenuating circumstances. Then some of those people did things that made it okay to, or cemented my, dislike thereof (more on that later). In short, I needed to see this game, but golly I was happy to see the Bruins win it.

It was also good to see Zdeno Chara score again–a d-man who can get stuff done wherever he’s needed is always nice.

Chris Kelly is becoming more and more of a scoring bonanza. No wonder he shares the second A. (I mean, it’s a shame he couldn’t have scored a hatty on that empty net at the end, though he did try.)

Not bad, Cageface Prime.

Not only did we have the ever-strong Tim Thomas in goal, we also had some extra help when he needed it; both Adam McQuaid and Johnny Boychuk assisted in keeping out pucks.

Dang, McQuaid is flying like a JET here! Do you see what I did there?

The Bad:

There was some messiness on our part that led to Winnipeg’s two goals. But thankfully Claude Julien realized this might become a problem and he called for a timeout that helped turn the tide of the game.

No, seriously, what is going on with the top line? They were practically given hand-wrapped gifts of scoring opportunities and failed to convert on any of them, including a luscious 3-on-1 chance. It’s great to see that our third and fourth lines have depth and scoring ability, but it would also be great to see first-liners with the puck and think that they’re more likely to score than to fail at it.

Actually, can we add Tyler Seguin to this list of “what is going on?” He too also had some wonderful chances and not a single one came up with a G. That plus his shootout misses lately and such…I really want to see him score more and more goals!

The Ugly:

Once again, Boston is the one known for scoring twice in less than a minute! Winnipeg, stop that! (Oh wait. They did stop that. Because then they did not score again for the rest of the game.)

For the most part, the officiating was good, except Dustin Byfuglien did some stuff that should’ve been penalized–like boarding Patrice Bergeron when he wasn’t even in possession and then shoving Chris Kelly into the side of the net after Kelly scored.

Also, what was up with many different Bruins slipping, tripping and falling? Andrew Ference broke another skate blade. Thomas took a tumble at least twice. A slip-and-fall almost led to another Winnipeg goal. Was it just jitters about playing the new guys who aren’t actually new at all but are just wearing a new sweater? They didn’t have this trouble against Detroit.

Next Game:

at Toronto Maple Leafs

November 30

NESN/Center Ice

So, what happened last time we met Toronto? Oh, that’s right, a 7-0 shutout, a hat trick and enough Phil Kessel thanks to fill a stadium. I don’t know if this next game could potentially eclipse that awesomeness, but it should still be fun to watch.

As for “Failapeg,” we’ll do this song and dance again next Tuesday, although in their barn instead of ours. That’ll be weird.


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