Posted by: emmaharger | December 3, 2011

Man of the Day 12/3: David Perron

David Perron

Born May 28, 1988 (age 23) in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

Left wing for the St. Louis Blues

We haven’t heard much from Perron lately for a reason we’ll cover later, but reportedly he may be resurfacing soon, so let’s get up to speed. Perron played for the excellently-named Lewiston Maineiacs for one year, leading the team in scoring (70 games, 39 goals, 44 assists), helping the team win the President’s Cup and visit the Memorial Cup. While having a standout season with the Maineiacs, he was draft-eligible and was chosen 26th overall in 2007 by St. Louis. (He’s one of the most notable 2007 draftees, fourth in career points to date behind fellow ’07ers Patrick Kane, Sam Gagner and Jakub Voracek.) He continued to impress, making the big times team right out of his first training camp.

Getting stuff done.

His first goal came against Chicago in November 2007 and he notched a hatty in November 2009 against Vancouver. He turned in a 50-point ’08-’09 season, nearly matched that the next year and looked like he was on track to continue this kind of points-notching rate when a terrible thing happened in November 2010. He received a bad hit from San Jose’s Joe Thornton and suffered a concussion. After about a year’s time of completely missing games (he’s missed 96), it was reported that he was skating with his teammates again, although while wearing a red jersey to signify that he should not be hit. On November 19, he was able to take off the red jersey. Finally, more than a year after the injury, he will take the ice tomorrow night as St. Louis takes on Chicago. I expect approximately none of the wall-to-wall coverage given to the return of Sidney Crosby even though he and Perron both suffered the same injury. Alas.

While he was injured, Perron became active on Twitter, where recently he has been discussing his plans for a return to the game, spreading the word about a new QMJHL team in his hometown (Sherbrooke Phoenix, which I think is an awesome name) and talking about Thanksgiving. But of course, he’s excited to get back on the ice and I know I’m excited to see him back in action. Welcome back, David!

I'll welcome back those arms, too.


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