Posted by: kristagolden | December 4, 2011

Blackhawks-Blues Game 2 wrapup

Chicago Blackhawks at St. Louis Blues

5-2, Blackhawks

Goals: David Perron (St. Louis), Jonathan Toews (Chicago), Chris Stewart (St. Louis), Marian Hossa x2 (Chicago), Patrick Sharp (Chicago), Michael Frolik (Chicago)

Goalies: Ray Emery (.920), Brian Elliott (.886)

The Good

He didn't get the attention Crosby got, but his comeback was still pretty sweet.

After little more than a year after suffering a concussion, David Perron not only made his return in this game, he scored the Blues’ first goal of the night. And his parents were there to see it! I can’t begrudge him for it on this night, so mazel tov!

The first period was pretty feisty, with Steve Montador, Sean O’Donnell and Jamal Mayers all getting into scraps. It may be a mixture of frustration and “ugh, get off me”, but I think it’s what the boys needed to light a fire underneath them.

This is how you kill a penalty.

Just as Jonathan Toews got a shorthanded goal against the Islanders, Marian Hossa got one with seconds to spare on a penalty kill. Coincidentally, Tazer was the one who was in the sin bin for slashing.

Just call him "The Sharpshooter".

With Patrick Sharp’s PPG (a heck of a slap shot, by the way), that’s the first time Brian Elliott’s let more than two goals in net in quite a few games. First time for everything, you know.

Holy cow, we saw what could be called Tazer’s third career fight. David Backes got called for roughing, but hey, sounded like a fight to me. And I knew there had to be a reason for Daniel Carcillo being placed on top line with Tazer and Patrick Kane: when Kris Russell tried to rough up Kaner, Carbomb came to his aid and protected him, then went to Tazer’s defense. And that’s why he’s on our team.

Daniel Carcillo: bodyguard on ice.

The Bad

If there was anything bad, it was that first Blues goal. Ray Emery wasn’t protected, which let the puck in net. We still need to step up the defense in our own zone.

The Ugly

I think the ugliest thing was my theory that the Blues were trolling for a fight. While I like me a good fight, spending your time picking one just for kicks is a waste of time and makes you look like a bunch of bullies.

Next Game

vs. Phoenix Coyotes

December 5


Finally, a game I can watch! I’ve missed seeing my boys on TV. Now let’s avenge that loss at home on November 29th!

– Krista

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