Posted by: emmaharger | December 4, 2011

Bruins game 24 wrapup

Toronto Maple Leafs at Boston Bruins

4-1, Bruins

Goals: David Krejci (Boston), Mikhail Grabovski (Toronto), Chris Kelly (Boston), Johnny Boychuk (Boston), Nathan Horton (Boston)

Goalies: Tuukka Rask (.955%), James Reimer (.867%)

The Good:

To quote the game summary texts sent to me after each game: “[The Bruins] begin December like they ended November, with a win.” Yes indeed.

The one good thing about being forced to watch the Toronto version of the game (if NHL Network or Versus air a game, Center Ice won’t carry either version of it) is that I learned some fun things about my captain. He’s fluent in five languages and can “get by” in German and Swedish. Now he wants to learn Italian since he likes how it sounds. He’s also a certified financial planner.

Multitalented Chara.

 The CBC broadcasters kept taking note of how when Patrice Bergeron takes the faceoff, he tends to win the draw. Absolutely. He’s fantastic on the dot.

"Hi. You should know I'm probably going to win this draw."

 Scoring depth! The first line continued to find the back of the net with David Krejci and Nathan Horton both scoring, although each time, both assists went to the other members of their line. But then Chris Kelly scored again and, hey, why not add a d-man into the mix with Johnny Boychuk? Now let there be celly photos.

Also, Tuukka Rask was solid in net. He still doesn’t freeze play and force faceoffs as often as I’d like, but he is more prone to some really awesome acrobatic plays and saves. Plus, the guys are playing well in front of him. I can’t complain. I think I can see what Handsome Ralph is planning here, unless he proves me wrong: he’ll have Tim Thomas in net against Pittsburgh and then Tuukka can be Rask up to the task against Failapeg.

Two us, two ks, two points.

This shift, in which the Bruins controlled the puck in Toronto’s zone for a little over two minutes even though it was not a power play. You know what? It must be seen to be believed.

The Bad:

We had kind of a sloppy start, but then sped up after a few fluky shifts. The first period was still somewhat unexciting, though; the only real things of note that happened were penalties. Ah yes, penalties, most of them called against Boston, especially Chara. Poor Chara, always getting called for being nearly 7 feet tall and just taking up more space in the world.

The Ugly:

If I never have to listen to a CBC broadcast of a Bruins game, I will be happy. I know every team has their broadcast group and they all tend to be homers–NESN definitely has theirs–but this was egregious. When the guys weren’t too busy obsessing about whether or not Chara was on the ice, they were doubting Rask’s abilities, making fun of how many people in the organization got Stanley Cup rings and reportedly referring to TD Garden as a cesspool of a building. Honestly, I’d expect that level of disrespect maybe from Montreal broadcasters, but seriously? I mean, stay mad that your team hasn’t won the Cup since Vietnam was the conflict du jour, but seriously, no.

Next Game:

at Pittsburgh Penguins

December 5


Well, this should be interesting as Pittsburgh is the only team in the East with more points than Boston. We’ll just see what happens!


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