Posted by: emmaharger | December 4, 2011

Man of the Day 12/4: Andy Sutton

Andrew Cameron Sutton

Born March 10, 1975 (age 36) in London, Ontario, Canada

Defenseman for the Edmonton Oilers

I discovered that I can see the after hours postgame of Hockey Night in Canada and they were interviewing Sutton. I learned quite a lot about him so let’s share it! Sutton played his childhood hockey in London before his family moved to Kingston (Ontario, not Jamaica, haha) when he was 14. He played so well in juniors that he got a scholarship to Michigan Tech, where he studied environmental engineering and played all four years. During college, he switched from left wing to defense. Just six weeks before graduation, though, Sutton signed as a free agent with San Jose.

He debuted as a Shark  in 1998 and played 71 games in two seasons with them before going off to Minnesota in the 2000 Expansion draft. He then made his way to another fairly new team in 2002, going to Atlanta. He stayed as a Thrasher for more than four years, becoming a big physical presence and even notching career highs in goals and points. (Also during the Thrashers’ playoff run, he and goalie Kari Lehtonen dyed their hair blue in excitement…and then had to try and fix it before the puck dropped!) A UFA for 2007, he signed with the New York Islanders. He had a shortened 2008-09 due to a broken foot, but had a resurgence the next season before he was traded to Ottawa. He later signed with Anaheim as a free agent and spent a season there, landing in Edmonton as a trade with Kurtis Foster.

"So wait, you're NOT a chair? Sorry."

Sutton is clearly valued as being more of a tough guy d-man than a d-man who also often scores goals; in 39 games with Anaheim last year, he did not score at all and had just four assists but 87 penalty minutes. If Edmonton is looking for a big tough guy, they may have found their perfect match. But even before this, I knew about Sutton ever so slightly due to a video in which he asks a Pittsburgh reporter if he is an expert and if he is asking or telling him:

Whether an expert or not, it’s easy to see Sutton’s a good guy, so I wish him well this season!


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