Posted by: emmaharger | December 6, 2011

Bruins game 25 wrapup

Boston Bruins at Pittsburgh Penguins

3-1, Bruins

Goals: Gregory Campbell (Boston), Benoit Pouliot (Boston), Tyler Seguin (Boston), Matt Cooke (Pittsburgh)

Goalies: Tim Thomas (.978%), Marc-Andre Fleury (.889%)

The Good:

Whew, what a game. Lots of speed, lots of action, lots of drama–it felt like a playoff game. The only reason we didn’t completely overtake Pittsburgh with our victory and leap to first in the conference (not even going to mention realignment here; that’s for another post altogether) is that they’ve played three more games than us somewhere in there. Still, what a game.

Contained in this photo are two keys to Bruins awesomeness.

 Tim Thomas quite nearly got himself a shutout and turned away 45 shots, living up to Marc Savard‘s Twitter request to be unreal. (He didn’t predict tonight and could that be because of who we played? Discuss.) And once again, when you deploy Patrice Bergeron to take the draw, you pretty much win the draw.

When Brad Marchand dropped the gloves with Matt Niskanen, it was pretty wonderful. I just wish Niskanen would’ve ditched his helmet somewhere in there to make it a fairer fight. Whatever, the fight was still great. It’s too bad that Sidney Crosby didn’t do more than talk with David Krejci, though.

Go, honey badger, go!

 Although there were times when we had to kill penalties or work with only three men on the ice, Pittsburgh could not score during these times. We were killing these penalties against one of the best power play teams like nobody’s business. Our power plays weren’t as great, but we did well on the other end of it.

Our scoring depth was exemplified again in the fact that fourth-liner Gregory Campbell and third-liner Benoit Pouliot both scored. We don’t need to rely on just one or two superstars to propel the rest of the team forward; everyone pitches in and everyone can be a star.

Even if you did play for the Habs last season.

 Also, hey! Tyler Seguin! Good to see you get a G again, buddy! Make Jack Edwards salivate in the depth of his man-crush! Now do that more!

And a genuine thank you to the person who handles musical choices at Consol. When they were setting up the third period, which we started on the power play, I heard a familiar song. Turns out they were playing Kernkraft 400, a.k.a. the Bruins goal song. No, seriously. Maybe that led to Seguin scoring. We appreciate it.

The Bad:

It really had to be Matt Cooke who spoiled the shutout? Really? Oh, I was very displeased to see this. I would’ve been much less perturbed had any other Penguin scored.

The Ugly:

Who are you and what have you done with Jack Edwards? For quite a while there, it sounded like he was working for Root instead of NESN. Too much talk about the other guys and not enough fun new things for me to learn by watching TV does not make for a good time. Thankfully, once we started scoring, that changed a little, but seriously.

Next Game:

at…Oh, do I have to say it?

December 6


I don’t know what’s going to happen, but it will be harder to handle than when they came to our home barn. I’ll get through it, but it will be weird.


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