Posted by: Adventures in Pucking | December 8, 2011

Men of the Day 12/7 and 12/8: Daniel and Henrik Sedin

Henrik and Daniel Sedin

Both born September 26, 1980 (age 31) in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

Henrik is center and captain and Daniel is left wing and alternate captain for the Vancouver Canucks

Howdy folks. We’ve been kind of busy these past few days and fell behind in Men of the Day, so let’s catch up by spotlighting identical twins. The Sedins–Henrik is six minutes older–grew up in a hockey-loving home because their dad used to play in the 60s. The boys started playing organized hockey together at 8. However, when Daniel switched from center to wing at 14, they started playing on the same line more frequently and discovered that they work well together. While still in high school, they began their pro careers with Dad’s old team Modo. The two of them shared the league’s MVP award one year! Going into the 1999 draft, there were some potential issues trying to get them both on one team like they said they wanted to do. What they could do was: not sign for two years, become UFAs and go where they wanted to, but they’d have to play junior in North America and they didn’t want to; opt out, hoping the team that picked one brother would pick the other next year. But Brian Burke, who was with Vancouver at the time, finagled it so he got picks 2 and 3, which he used to get the twins.

Aw, cutely awkward draft photo!

Henrik assisted on Daniel’s first goal in an October 2000 game against Tampa Bay and later that month, Daniel did the reverse against Toronto. Over their rookie season, they topped team rookie points totals, too (Daniel led Henrik 34 to 29). The twins continued playing well together with one another and then returned to Sweden for the Year That Never Was, re-donning Modo sweaters for the year. Henrik suffered an injury during a Swedish-league game requiring the slight amputation of his little left finger, but you’d hardly know. Guys like Todd Bertuzzi and Taylor Pyatt have come and gone from Vancouver, but the Sedins are solid presences in Canucks jerseys. Henrik even scored the goal needed to finish the first game of the 2007 playoffs against Dallas, a game that went into quadruple overtime. The twins also get identical contracts whenever it’s time to re-up.

The twins who play together stay together and get paid together.

In September 2009, Henrik became an alternate and Daniel helped him earn the Art Ross trophy by continually assisting on many of his goals. In October 2010, just over a year later, now Daniel became the A, Henrik ascended to captain and Daniel won the Art Ross. Both twins have exceeded 100 points in a season and it seems as if they’ve won basically every other recognition in the league (including Olympic golds in 2006)…except that one? Oh, right. (I couldn’t help myself.) Well, they’re talented guys, they’re active in charitable causes in the community and clearly they’re an asset to Vancouver. Good for them!


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