Posted by: emmaharger | December 11, 2011

Bruins game 28 wrapup

Boston Bruins at Columbus Blue Jackets

5-3, Bruins

Goals: Rick Nash (Columbus), Jeff Carter (Columbus), Joe Corvo x2 (Boston), Nathan Horton (Boston), Zdeno Chara (Boston), RJ Umberger (Columbus), Chris Kelly (Boston)

Goalies: Tim Thomas (.880%) and Tuukka Rask (1.000%), Curtis Sanford (.828%)

The Good:

If you have unfinished business with Shawn Thornton, then much like the Bride from the Kill Bill movies, he will finish it. He settled an old score with Jared Boll at the start of the game.

Later on, when Samuel Pahlsson tried to take David Krejci‘s number, but it remains inadvisable to poke the bear. This led to he and his linemates defending themselves and unsportsmanlike conduct minors for Krejci and Pahlsson.

Yes, believe it!

 Joe Corvo got his first and second goals as a Bruin! (I kind of wished he could’ve gotten a hatty because that would’ve just been another fantastic aspect of a thoroughly peculiar game.)

In addition to Corvo, we got a hatty of assists from Milan Lucic, a Nathan Horton goal, two different d-men scoring goals and a goal from a third-liner. With Boston, we don’t need to rely on the production of just one superstar. Anyone can shine.

The Bad:

We’ve got to stop this pattern of a fast start, great chances and then some of those chances getting messed up and leading to, say, a goal or two for the other guys. It’s not fun.

I did see the Zdeno Chara injury, but I’m trying not to panic right away. Maybe he just felt like it’d be best to rest his leg for the rest of the night but he’ll be fine to play by Tuesday. The panicked, nearly apocalyptic way people spoke about him when all we really know is “lower body injury” just seemed unusual. That being said, feel better soon, Big Z.

We had some definite weak spots and flaws tonight. Sure, we got the W, but we need to look at what went wrong and try to rectify it next time!

The Ugly:

Lucic, honey, what were you thinking taking all those penalties? Clearly those three assists were you earning your ice time for Coach, but seriously. Be careful and try to stay out of the sin bin.

Next Game:

vs. Los Angeles Kings

December 13


Yay, my birthday game!! I hope it’s a good one!


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