Posted by: emmaharger | December 12, 2011

Man of the Day 12/12: Josh Bailey

Joshua Bailey

Born October 21, 1989 (age 22) in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

Right wing/center for the New York Islanders

Again I wanted to find someone with the sweater number corresponding to the day and there are quite a few 12s, but I wanted to look at Josh! Bailey started out playing for the Owen Sound Attack and was traded to the Windsor Spitfires for 2006-07. He was perhaps doing so well in the juniors because he caught the attention of Garth Snow, the Islanders’ general manager. Interested in signing him, Snow traded down twice in the draft to get him in 2008. This tactic worked and he got Bailey ninth overall. This was followed by a three-year contract signed on his 19th birthday. He debuted in 2008 in the big show after an injury-related delay.

In his second NHL game ever, he got his first point, an assist on a powerplay goal by Kyle Okposo. Okposo made sure to go get the puck afterwards so Bailey could commemorate the event. Bailey netted his own goal two months later against Phoenix. He also had a really strong start to his 2010-11 season but then an injury slowed him noticeably and after he returned, it was like he’d lost his mojo. The Islanders sent him down to Bridgeport Sound for a while to fix his funk. They did this strategically so as to avoid the need to put him on waivers and it worked.

Check out this celly from when he scored on Pittsburgh one time.

When he was with the Islanders last year, he played 70 games, got 11 goals, 17 assists and 37 penalty minutes. Right now he has two goals and six assists in 27 games plus 14 penalty minutes. Now in his fourth year with the Islanders, he’s really getting a feel for his own game and ability. He’s pretty clutch on the penalty kill and power play, for example. As the Islanders work to build an even better franchise, Bailey will be a part of that!

"I have no time for you, I'm helping improve my team."


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