Posted by: emmaharger | December 14, 2011

Bruins game 29 wrapup

Los Angeles Kings at Boston Bruins

3-0, Bruins

Goals: Rich Peverley and Brad Marchand x2 (Boston)

Goalies: Tuukka Rask (1.000%), Jonathan Quick (.864%)

The Good:

Happy birthday to me! What a game!

I like seeing this guy's celly faces.

 Hey, Rich Peverley! It had been a little while since you scored a goal! But it’s good to see you doing so again. It was a beautiful goal, too, the result of a hardworking triangle in the Kings’ zone.

"Good job, kid."

 The Brattrick: pay a $2,500 slew-footing fine in the morning, score two goals at night…Brad Marchand-style. After Claude Julien told the media that he expected Marchand to be a good brat, not a bad brat, he went on out and proved himself by putting away two goals, both scored pretty soon after a faceoff.

Um, dang. He's looking right at me.

 What a game for Tuukka Rask! To get a shutout in front of an appreciative crowd–the “TUUK” chants after he made a save, the “TUU-KKA” chants at other times (a rhythm I usually hear employed for ‘you suck’ chants), the raucous cheering as time ticked down in the third…oh, what a wonderful game. Two us, two ks, two well-deserved points.

In a way, it’s good to know that we are physically able to play games without Zdeno Chara and Gregory Campbell. I wish both of them speedy recoveries and hope to see them on the ice again very soon, but it is nice to know we can do without them in a pinch if we have to.

The Bad:

Aside from Milan Lucic and Steven Kampfer taking some silly penalties, nothing was really bad about this game, unless you count how good Jonathan Quick was. If the tending had been worse on LA’s side, this game could easily have been more lopsided in Boston’s favor.

The Ugly:

Nothing. This game was a thing of beauty.

Next Game:

at Ottawa Senators

December 14


The Senators also played tonight, so who knows how they’ll perform tomorrow. They didn’t have the services of Daniel Alfredsson last time and they do now, which could affect them. We will see!


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