Posted by: Adventures in Pucking | December 16, 2011

Man of the Day 12/16: Radek Dvorak

Radek Dvořák

Born March 9, 1977 (age 34) in Tábor, Czechoslovakia

Right winger for the Dallas Stars

Emma’s feeling rather poorly, so I covered her MotD. When I told her whom I’d picked, I’m sure it made her smile. Feel better soon bb! – Krista

Time to talk about someone rather special to us. Dvorak (which is pronounced dvor-ZHAK because of the little háček above the r) was picked by the Florida Panthers in 1995 after spending two years with České Budějovice back home. In his first season in Sunrise he helped the Cats make it to the playoffs for the very first time – not only that, but the 1996 Stanley Cup Finals! He spent four seasons in Florida before a weird little trade happened in December 1999 – he was first traded to the San Jose Sharks, but was traded to the New York Rangers before he could catch his breath. With the Rangers, he saw a career-high 67 points in the 2000-2001 season, but after two not so stellar seasons he was traded to the Edmonton Oilers.

Once with the Oilers, he scored 50 points in the 2003-2004 season, his first full one with them. But then came that lost season, and Radek returned to the Czech Republic to play for his old team. When the league resumed for the 2005-06 season, he only earned 28 points even though the team went to the Stanley Cup Finals, where they were beaten by the Carolina Hurricanes. Once the season was over, he left Edmonton and signed a one-year contract with the St. Louis Blues.

"Yes, little puck, come to me. You are mine now."

So our boy goes to St. Louis, gains 37 points and leaves to go back to the place where he started – the Panthers. He didn’t do very well in the 2007-08 season, but his game picked up well enough that he signed a two-year extension in 2009. On December 7 of that year, the Panthers honored him for playing his 1000th game. On November 23rd, 2010, they also honored him for playing the most games in franchise history. The next February, he was traded to Atlanta. We only had him for a little while before…well, you know. Instead of making the move to That Place, he signed with the Dallas Stars, where just two weeks ago he recorded his 350th career assist!

Even though he was only with the Thrashers a couple of months and played 13 games with them, we still consider him part of the team, like we do with Rich Peverley and the other guys who went to other teams last season. We love ya, Radek, make us proud.

Here's a pic that Emma took at warmups before a Thrashers game. Dvorak is #20, and there's Ben Maxwell in #49 and Blake Wheeler in #26. We miss our boys.

– Krista

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