Posted by: emmaharger | December 16, 2011

One reason why I love my team

When the Bruins aren’t being awesome on the ice, they’re being awesome off of it–earlier this week, many of them went to a Boston-area Target to shop for kids who have to spend Christmas in various pediatric care facilities. I’m going to share some of my favorite pictures from the event, but here’s what I love the most: Patrice Bergeron is in charge of the whole to-do, getting everything sorted out for shopping and for toy distribution later this month. The guys purchased toys using their own pocket money and the team matched them dollar for dollar. This is a tradition Ray Bourque started back when he was captain and has been carried on through the years. It’s also something that I am sure will bring smiles to the faces of little ones who deserve some cheer.

Now let’s look at some photos!

Bergeron goes shopping along with his little helper, a kid named Alex.

David Krejci looks pretty good in a Santa hat.

Andrew Ference makes a list and checks it twice.

Tuukka Rask, wearing a hat beneath his Santa hat, finishes his shopping.

 More photos are available here from someone who was there! Lucky!

Like I said, things like these just help cement my love for my team. Now go get ’em in Philadelphia tomorrow!


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