Posted by: kristagolden | December 17, 2011

Blackhawks-Ducks Game 3 wrapup

Anaheim Ducks at Chicago Blackhawks

4-1, Blackhawks

Goals: Jamal Mayers, Marian Hossa, Dave Bolland and Patrick Sharp (Chicago), Teemu Selanne (Anaheim)

Goalies: Ray Emery (.960), Jonas Hiller (.833)

The Good

You know what’s very good? We’re first in the Central Division, tied for first in the Western Conference and tied for first IN THE LEAGUE. Ah, it’s good to be on top.

The team salutes the fans. We love you too, boys.

Patrick Sharp and Marian Hossa continue to work beautifully on the second line, assisting on each other’s goals. Sounds to me like they’re bonding on the ice the way Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews have. And in the same vein, I’m glad our third and fourth lines are scoring! A little from everyone!

The Dynamic Duo does it again.

John Scott got his first point of the season, an assist to Jamal Mayers in the first period (that was a nifty wraparound goal there, Jammer). Then he got his first fight of the season with Sheldon Brookbank. I gotta hand it to Sheldon, it takes a lot of testicular fortitude to drop the gloves against a big guy like Scotty.

It’s a shame that Scotty didn’t get a goal, that would’ve made for a sweet Gordie Howe hat trick celly in United Center.

Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat sitting by the door to the bench.

Dave Bolland got a goal in the second period after having his first one waved off (I’ll touch on that shortly). Assisting our Rat was Nick Leddy and…Ray Emery? Yep! Sounds like when he batted the puck away, he slipped it to Ledds, who fed it to Bolly. That was Razor’s fourth assist in his career. Who says that goalies just protect the net?

Just because he had it bad last season doesn't mean he's washed up.

Of course, Razor was just wicked amazing in net, even getting first star of the game. I’m really getting sick of people throwing temper tantrums over his starting four games in a row. Honestly, we’re winning. Until Razor loses or has a bad night, Corey Crawford will continue to get his game together. I see this duo as more of a Tim Thomas/Tuukka Rask combo, where the two have equal skill. Calm yourselves and enjoy our victories, mmkay?

The Bad

Well, the only bad thing was that we didn’t get the shutout – I was really hoping that Razor would get his first. But I can’t begrudge the goal that Anaheim got, since it was from Teemu Selanne.

I take it back, there was another bad thing – Daniel Carcillo was deemed day-to-day because he was injured in Wednesday’s game against the Wild. I didn’t catch who popped him in the face, but that’s what happened. Get better soon, Carbomb!

The Ugly

The goal that Bolly almost got was waved off because of what we all thought was a kicking call. But then the Situation Room (that name makes me think of the one in the White House) in Toronto said there was no goal and no review because of goalie interference. Excuse me, what goalie interference? There was no goalie interference call AT ALL. Excuse me while I weep over such stupidity.

Next Game

vs. Calgary Flames

December 18

WGN (Chicago area only)

After what happened on the Circus Trip, we are so ready to take them on. Just bring it!

– Krista

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