Posted by: emmaharger | December 17, 2011

Bruins game 31 wrapup

Boston Bruins at Philadelphia Flyers

6-0, Bruins

Goals: Benoit Pouliot, Daniel Paille, Zdeno Chara, Milan Lucic, Nathan Horton, Tyler Seguin

Goalies: Tim Thomas (1.000%), Ilya Bryzgalov (.750%), Sergei Bobrovsky (.941%)

The Good:

Pretty much everything about this game was good. It was such an enjoyment to watch, even though I was forced to watch the Philadelphia version of it because it was on NHL Network. But let’s get more specific, shall we?

Welcome back, Big Z!

 Zdeno Chara returned after suffering an injury against Columbus and made an impact in his debut. By fighting Jody Shelley, scoring and providing the assist on Nathan Horton‘s goal, he notched a Gordie Howe hat trick. We’re happy to have you back, big guy. PS: Flyers fans boo him now? What for? At least Habs fans have a reason and even Failapeg fans have a reason, even if it is particularly ridiculous. It doesn’t matter–Chara drinks up your boos and disapproval and uses them for energy.

Benoit Pouliot opened the scoring just 27 seconds in; the CSN Philadelphia people were still talking about the Flyers allegedly spoiling our home opener (a 2-1 game is hardly a spoiler, although it was hilarious to see Flyers fans kvetching again about how we forced them to sit through our banner raise–mad that y’all haven’t raised a Cup banner since Gerald Ford was in office?) when all of a sudden Chicken potted one! It was reviewed because it looked strange, but was ruled a good goal.

It was also good to see Daniel Paille score again.

However, what was really satisfying here was seeing the Bruins capitalize on the power play not once, not twice, but thrice. (I’ve always loved that word, but since it was recently used on Conan, I love it more.) Remember back when a Bruins power play was a good time to leave the room? Oh, it was like that recently? Well, not anymore. Chara, Horton and Lucic’s goals all came on the PP. It’s also good to see the top line scoring again.

This fight was intense.

 When Johnny Boychuk and Scott Hartnell dropped the gloves, not only was it an enjoyable fight (my stepmother, who was watching this game too and likes hockey fights, texted me saying just excitedly “Fight!!”), but Boychuk went in so intensely that Hartnell’s sweater ripped in the back. Boychuk fought Hartnell to defend Brad Marchand, who had just been upended by Hartnell, but I guess the refs forgot that or something because they handed Boychuk an instigator penalty in addition to a misconduct. Whatever. We were already up 4-0 by then. Watch the fight here:

Actually, these aforementioned fights, the other fights and scrambles that happened during this game were just red meat for folks who enjoy the enmity Boston and Philadelphia have for one another. These teams are certainly not friends.

Hey, you know what? It was also nice to see Tyler Seguin score again since he’d been in a little bit of a drought. He still leads the Bruins in scoring; just nice to see him actually do it again.

Even though the CSN Philly guys tried to curse Tim Thomas by saying the word “shutout” three separate times before the game was over–I knocked wood every time those dunderheads did so–Timmy couldn’t be cursed. We also managed to chase Ilya Bryzgalov, a tendy with a pretty good record himself, so that’s not bad.

The Bad:

Poor Brad Marchand! He’s said himself, in an ESPN blog post, that the refs keep a pretty stern eye on him, but today he was sent down the tunnel for what to me looked like nothing more than harmless chirping. By that time, the game was nearly over and we’d done all our scoring. However, it still seemed like an unusually strong punishment. Ten minutes for being the honey badger!

This incident involving Milan Lucic that led to a scramble in which even Horton fought:

Lucic received a major for checking from behind, which I think is all the punishment he warranted. However, the CSN Philly guys were up in arms! Oh, don’t you know Lucic is just so evil? Shanny needs to look at that play right now! Suspension!! Let’s mention the incident with Ryan Miller because that’s so relevant! Y’all need to stop!

The Ugly:

Okay, I lied, there is one ugly aspect: being forced to listen to the CSN Philly version of events! Good God, it was like watching Fox News. Although by the third period they realized they were done for and tried to give Boston some of the cred it deserved–like finally making note of Z’s Gordie Howe hatty long after friends told me Jack and Brick noticed it–I just felt like I was behind enemy lines! At one point after Thomas made an acrobatic save, they mused that he must’ve been a cheerleader in high school. Incorrect. He was a goaltender in high school. Pay the man a little respect. Thankfully, Monday’s game will be right back on NESN, the way things should be.

Next Game:

vs. Montreal

December 19


It goes without saying that any game against the Habs is going to be an interesting one. This should be fun to watch.


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