Posted by: emmaharger | December 20, 2011

Bruins game 32 wrapup

Montreal Canadiens at Boston Bruins

3-2, Bruins

Goals: Benoit Pouliot (Boston), Tomas Plekanec (Montreal), David Krejci (Boston), Brad Marchand (Boston), Erik Cole (Montreal)

Goalies: Tim Thomas (.943%), Carey Price (.903%)

The Good:

These teams are fast, y’all. Blink and all of a sudden play has shifted from one end of the ice to the other. This was a fun game to watch. Aggression, chirping, the whole nine yards. It’s just too bad we didn’t see a real big fight.


My goodness, how satisfying it was to see Benoit Pouliot score on his old team. The angst that it surely (don’t call me Shirley) caused for Habs fans everywhere was well worth it.

Good to see more top line scoring as well from David Krejci!

Like a boss.

 Gregory Campbell returns, playing on a still-hurting foot that you just know he had to patch up with extra tape or something, and does work, spending 11 minutes on the ice (hey, 11) and taking a shot on goal. At one point he gave his entire body to block a shot. We needed our bowl of Soupy!

Wow, Montreal is awesome on the power play, huh? That is of course absolute sarcasm. They’re terrible on the PP.

"I'm just gonna bang this one in, OK?"

That Brad Marchand goal was so good I almost cried. It was the Chaperone Line at its very best–Bergeron to Seguin, Seguin to Marchand, Marchand to the back of the net. You can, and should, watch the goal:

Listen to how Jack Edwards gets so excited!

Well, I didn’t know these guys were Bruins fans…

The Bad:

Okay, I feel like Milan Lucic was overly punished for a play that even Zac Rinaldo, the guy who WAS boarded from behind, says looked worse on tape than it was in reality. It’s because Lucic has a history. Should that weigh as heavily in further judgments of Shanabans as it looks like it did this time? No, it should not. But you know what? We can still win without one of our top liners if we absolutely have to play without him. We just prefer to have him in the lineup.

It’s open season…for using goaltenders as benches! This went on FAR too long and was not penalized, but then Zach Hamill was called for cross-checking shortly thereafter. Okay, sure.

When Patrice Bergeron went off for repairs after taking a high stick to the face, we realized that we really need him on the power play. The extended PP that resulted for us was weaker than it would’ve been if 37 had been there.

The Ugly:

Well, it’s a game against the Habs. There’s always going to be a little hairiness. This time it was mostly Habs fans chirping that…Tim Thomas is fat. Is that all you’ve got? Sorry, he can’t hear you over the sound of all his awards. Plus, every goaltender looks “fat” once they put on all that padding. Even your precious Carey Price. That’s weaksauce. Think of some better chirps for the next game, OK?

Next Game:

vs. Florida Panthers

December 23


Last time we saw the Panthers, they shut us out and the game was frustrating. Here’s hoping we learned from that experience. Now to wait a very long time between games!


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