Posted by: emmaharger | December 22, 2011

Potential precedent

A quartet of former football players from the Atlanta area have filed a lawsuit against the NFL, citing negligence regarding the danger and potential long-lasting effects of concussions. The four players have experienced effects consistent with postconcussive syndrome and are now seeking some accountability from the league, which they said failed to inform them about those effects even though they knew about them.

I’m watching this case with great interest not because these guys are from Atlanta but because this could create some precedent regarding the NHL and its treatment of those who suffer concussions and PCS. Much has already been written about how many players are sidelined due to head injuries this season, but the league has stayed somewhat quiet about the subject and honestly not spoken as forcefully as I feel they should regarding this issue. You only get one brain and treating it right is of the utmost importance. I do applaud the increased focus given to head trauma through the stricter discipline of Brendan Shanahan and even the unevenly-balanced coverage given to Sidney Crosby over, say, Marc Savard (any awareness is good awareness), but I feel like league officials should be watching this case carefully and reconsidering their official response to the subject.

…Or looking for former or even current hockey players to start bringing lawsuits against them, too.

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