Posted by: emmaharger | December 24, 2011

Bruins game 33 wrapup

Florida Panthers at Boston Bruins

8-0, Bruins

Goals: Brad Marchand x3, Milan Lucic, Benoit Pouliot, Dennis Seidenberg, Gregory Campbell, Patrice Bergeron (all Boston)

Goalies: Tuukka Rask (1.000%), Jose Theodore (.714%), Scott Clemmensen (.810%)

The Good:

Happy holidays, everyone! Tonight the Bruins scored as many goals as there are nights of Hanukkah and they did so on Festivus, just two days before Christmas. (Trying to combine as many holiday celebrations as I can here.)

This man is a warrior.

 Gregory Campbell is still playing on a broken foot and told reporters he’s getting a little help doing so, probably by taking pain medicine. Poor guy. But he doesn’t let that get to him. Tonight he scored a goal, took three shots and spent about 15 minutes on the ice total.

Brad Marchand opened his scoring for the night with a shorthanded goal. While I thought that might be all he contributed, nope, the honey badger found a way–twice more. The video of it is perfect. I especially love how fellow sophomore and hatty executor Tyler Seguin looks up at the HDX at the end and smiles.

Also, Marchand is wearing an I Love Boston Sports shirt in his three-puck photo. I know someone who works for that company and she was super excited to see such widespread exposure! (The shirt’s on sale, too.)

Speaking of goals, we scored shorties, we scored on the power play, we scored at full strength, we had many different people score…This is indicative of Boston’s versatility and I love it. We don’t put all our faith on the shoulders of one or two snipers. This means that God forbid we have to be down a guy or two, we can adapt.

And you just know Benoit Pouliot‘s goal will be on so many highlight reels for years to come.

Hey, it was good to see Dennis Seidenberg and Milan Lucic score too!

This guy as well:

Did you know this is the biggest single-game lead we’ve had since a 2002 tilt against Columbus?

And that by the middle of the second period, the crowd was alternately chanting TUU-KKA or ME-RRY CHRIST-MAS whenever it could?

What a wonderful game this was.

The Bad:

I guess the only bad thing is that it wasn’t a 9-0 or 10-o game or something like that.

The Ugly:

There was nothing ugly about this game to me, as a Bruins fan.

Next Game:

at Phoenix Coyotes

December 28


This game, scheduled for later in the evening by East Coast standards, will come at the end of a nicely deserved holiday break for the players, staff and everyone associated with the Bruins organization. Happy holidays, everyone!


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