Posted by: kristagolden | December 29, 2011

Blackhawks-Kings Game 2 wrapup

Los Angeles Kings at Chicago Blackhawks

2-0, Kings

Goals: Trent Hunter and Jarret Stoll (Los Angeles)

Goalies: Corey Crawford (.947), Jonathan Quick (1.000)

The Good

Patrick Kane was in the top line tonight for roughly half the game; he was sent to center the second line for the other half. Okay, that doesn’t sound like news, but consider the fact that he came down with strep throat over Christmas and played while sick on Monday. He scared the crap out of me when he missed Tuesday practice, but he spent a good 22 minutes on the ice for this game. Poor thing’s frustrated that he can’t score, but he needs to be patient. It’ll come to him.

You can't hurry love or scoring opportunities.

Despite the score and his save percentage, Corey Crawford was just awesome in net tonight. I think this just solidifies what I’ve been saying since Ray Emery’s six-game run: we have a goalie tandem, not a starter and a backup. I think Coach Quenneville can and should use them interchangeably.

"That's MY Squishy!"

I suppose I should say something nice about Jonathan Quick. Fine. Nice bellyflop saves. There.


The Bad

Still no Daniel Carcillo, but he has practiced with the team and is expected to return against Detroit on Friday. Also no Marcus Kruger, and that’s worrying everyone.

I think I seen 'bout everything when I seen Mike Richards fly.

Jonathan Toews gets no cookies from me tonight, because he shoved Mike Richards on a breakaway to give him a penalty shot. Thankfully we have a flawless goalie who saved his captain’s butt.

Bailing out his captain like the friend you call when you get arrested at 3 a.m.

The Ugly

Holy crap, Coach is having a fit about the two goals. The first was an example of goalie interference, the second a case of slew footing – namely, Nick Leddy getting his skates knocked out from under him by Justin Williams. Recall that Brad Marchand got fined for that. Why the refs didn’t wave off either goal is beyond me.

Note to the Kings for the next time they play us: do not poke the bear, aka John Scott. He’ll take on all of you and smile over your limp, unconscious bodies. In other words, he loves to fight.

Next Game

vs. Detroit Red Wings

December 30


Finally, the storied rivalry begins anew!

– Krista

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