Posted by: emmaharger | December 29, 2011

Bruins game 34 wrapup

Boston Bruins at Phoenix Coyotes

2-1, Bruins (OT)

Goals: David Krejci (Boston), Ray Whitney (Phoenix), Dennis Seidenberg (Boston, OT)

Goalies: Tuukka Rask (.955%), Jason LaBarbera (.931%)

The Good:

Congrats, Handsome Ralph!

 Coach Claude Julien got himself a win for game #600 behind the bench. (Reportedly Tyler Seguin reminded him that he was going to hit number 600 this morning.) Too bad it wasn’t more of a decisive win like the Florida game!

The blood matches his sweater!

 Oh, it was very satisfying to see Adam McQuaid pound the snot out of Raffi Torres, not only for the reputation that precedes him but because teammates don’t let what Torres did happen to teammates. To me, it looks like he initiated a shoulder-to-head hit on Andrew Ference, the kind of hit that Shanabans are made of. I don’t know–watch the video for yourself.

David Krejci scored so quickly that they weren’t even finished introducing the game yet! (Too bad he couldn’t find twine again for the rest of the game.) Then, in our first overtime game this season–all other “extra innings” games so far for the Bruins went all the way to a shootout–Dennis Seidenberg ended it all right as it started.


 Riding the hot hand after the pre-Christmas Florida beatdown, Tuukka Rask was in net again and made some excellent saves. The one Phoenix goal allowed was a bit of a softy–and he had a fit of frustration when the horn went off–but there were times when he totally bailed out his teammates. He earned the howls of “TUUK!” from the various people of Bruins Nation Southwest who went to the game.

The Bad:

Is there an NHL 36 curse? Think: the Patrick Kane one was filmed around a Chicago/Phoenix game. Yes, it took place in Chicago, yes, it went to the shootout and yes, Chicago lost. Patrice Bergeron’s episode will have a game in Phoenix that went to overtime with a Boston victory. But what is it about Phoenix and TV cameras that cause good teams to struggle? I don’t like it! I’m still looking forward to this episode, though.

The Ugly:

There was a bit of an issue with the ice at the arena, as we were helpfully reminded every two minutes. Reportedly a Bruin wishing to remain anonymous told the Boston media that Arena has the worst NHL ice “by a wide margin.” I don’t know if that was the only reason for the weird play tonight, but it was bad at times! The puck bounced around like a sentient being, it was hard to retain possession and we just struggled. Did we fall victim to more of that “they’re not high in the standings, so we can just phone it in” nonsense? I hope not!

Next Game:

at Dallas Stars

December 31


We’ll enjoy waiting for the ball to drop at midnight by starting with the Bruins and the Stars. Maybe it will be full of fights like last time. Or not. Who knows? Soon we will see!


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