Posted by: kristagolden | December 31, 2011

Blackhawks-Red Wings Game 1 wrapup

Detroit Red Wings at Chicago Blackhawks

3-2, Blackhawks

Goals: Justin Abdelkader (Detroit), Jonathan Toews (Chicago), Todd Bertuzzi (Detroit), Marian Hossa and Brent Seabrook (Chicago)

Goalies: Corey Crawford (.929), Jimmy Howard (.893)

The Good

I’m gonna get this out of the way: DETROIT SUCKS. Thank you.

Jimmy Hayes got the call up to the big league from Rockford, and in his NHL debut he made his presence very well known with a few big hits during the game. In fact, he made a shot on goal in his very first shift in the first period! He also got his first NHL penalty with a holding call. Nice intro!

He's only 22, but he's a big boy.

Daniel Carcillo came back to the lineup tonight after being out after the Minnesota Wild game on the 14th. And what a way to come back: after he gave Todd Bertuzzi a clean hit, Berts took exception to that, dropped gloves and literally chased Carbomb across the ice. Well, if you insist…

He also got an assist tonight. It’s a shame he didn’t get a goal for the Gordie Howe hat trick.

Patrick Kane was placed squarely at center for tonight’s game. I’ll be completely honest: I didn’t like the fact that he was moved to wing. I just felt uneasy about it. I was right about that uneasiness, because after he moved to wing his scoring slumped badly. Now that he’s on his own line again, maybe the assist he got on Seabs’ goal will bring back the magic.

That little assist could be all he needs to catch fire again.

If I keep gushing about Corey Crawford, I’ll make everyone sick with the praise. All I’ll say is he made some wicked saves and helped get the win for a nice early birthday present!

He even caught Squishy for his birthday!

Jonathan Toews drew a hooking penalty from Nicklas Lidstrom on the breakaway for the penalty shot, and he sank it five-hole. This was after I’d complained that it seemed that the Red Wings weren’t being called out for the dirty things they were pulling.

Execute Toewsbot program "Celebration face".

Actually, the team with the least PIM in the league had more penalties than we did, with seven compared to our two. Well then.

The Bad

We turned over the puck a few too many times. When you play against Detroit, you have to keep that puck close and be conservative about passing. They’re tricksy about stealing the Precious, they is.

The Ugly

Other than Bertuzzi not getting an instigator penalty for chasing down Carbomb (but WHY, I ask my unsympathetic cat), I couldn’t find anything ugly about this game.

Next Game

vs. Edmonton Oilers

January 2


I don’t want to remember what happened the last time we played the Oilers. But you know what? Revenge is a dish best served in United Center.

– Krista

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