Posted by: emmaharger | January 1, 2012

Bruins game 35 wrapup

Boston Bruins at Dallas Stars

4-2, Stars

Goals: Loui Eriksson (Dallas), Tyler Seguin (Boston), Trevor Daley (Dallas), Michael Ryder (Dallas), Tom Wandell (Dallas), Milan Lucic (Boston)

Goalies: Kari Lehtonen (.900%), Tim Thomas (.852%)

The Good:

Though this game did not have the pugilistic outbreaks of last year’s Bruins-Stars match, Gregory Campbell did go toe-to-toe with Jake Dowell in a battle of the 11s. I was kind of hoping this fight would liven up the Bruins a lot more than it did, though.

Soupy's gonna open up on you!

 Tyler Seguin and Milan Lucic‘s goals were both good, especially Lucic’s since it was in a noble attempt to change the tone of the game. The surge came a little too late to make a real difference, but at least he tried.

The Bad:

We took some penalties early on that led to a Stars 5-on-3 goal. (Boston was penalized seven times total as opposed to Dallas’ four.) However, each of Dallas’ goals came at advantageous times for them (power play, two-man advantage, breakaway and the most terrible bounce ever).

I don’t usually want to assign blame to goalies for ugly goals scored on them, but considering just how long Tim Thomas had gone between playing games, I don’t know–maybe he got too much rest? Some of those goals were soft. Timmy’s usually better than that. Maybe he was just in a funk or doesn’t like Dallas or something.

The Ugly:

A lot of stuff just looked ugly out there last night. After the game, a broad cross-section of Bruins personnel ranging from Claude Julien to Zdeno Chara admitted that it was the worst game of the season, that the team wasn’t playing right for the first two periods, that it was like they were in a funk…I could definitely tell. But maybe when they realize they weren’t doing well, that means they’ll work on fixing the problems and do better next game. I like to imagine Julien giving them a modified “malaise speech” after the second to try and snap them out of it. He reiterated that every team in the league wants to win against the champions, so they need to bring their absolute best, and Dallas was not an example of the best Boston has to offer.

Next Game:

at New Jersey Devils

January 4

NBC Sports Network

The first Bruins game to air on the newly-christened NBC Sports Network! (It will follow the premiere of NHL 36: Patrice Bergeron, and I am so excited.) Last time we met the Devils, we narrowly won 4-3. Here’s to a good–a better–game this time!


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