Posted by: Adventures in Pucking | January 3, 2012

Winter Classic Thoughts

We had a good time watching the Winter Classic and talking with each other about it today! Granted, neither of us are big fans of the featured teams, so this won’t be like the gamers we do for Blackhawks and Bruins games. We’re going to make observations about the whole thing, game and all! Fun!


  • I love how the highlight reels before the game proceeded chronologically through the prior Winter Classics, but would skip Boston 2010 and show it after Pittsburgh 2011. That’s clearly because that was the other time the Flyers have been in the WC. It was also kind of hilarious to see it singled out like that since the Flyers lost that game. Did you know that that WC remains the only one where the home team won?
  • I don’t know who said it, but just before the anthems were sung, one of the commentators said they were required by NHL regulations but “unnecessary” since World War II. There is nothing unnecessary about them. The anthem(s) is/are a staple of pretty much any sporting event. Many traditions sprout up around anthems (cheering in Chicago, Rancourt in Boston, “stars” in Dallas, “knights” in Atlanta). Plus, we are actually at war right now, so technically does that make them necessary? Leave anthem singing alone, except when someone does it badly!
  • It’s nice to see Marc Staal back in action. This was his first game back from a concussion–what a game to use for a comeback! This game also marked Brayden Schenn‘s first ever NHL goal. What an accomplishment!
  • That awkward moment when I didn’t particularly care that Mike Rupp metaphorically snatched Jaromir Jagr‘s weave with that salute after his goal, but rather I cared that it looked like a Hitler salute from certain angles…Awkward!
  • It was a great choice to have Philadelphia’s own The Roots perform at the second intermission. I don’t just say that because I’m an avid fan of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and love The Roots but because they are Philly to the core and it was a perfect fit. Predictably, it met with backlash: drummer Questlove, who has an active presence on Twitter, retweeted a Philadelphia journalist who wondered why Hall and Oates weren’t there before questioning The Roots’ Philadelphia cred. (Questlove’s response: “shame on you @BroadStBull. you write for a philly newspaper. & just asked if The Roots are even from philly? Shame on you Sam. Shame. here indifference to hip hop culture aside you don’t have to love us but you will respect our history.” The link leads to The Roots’ Wikipedia page.) Seriously? Hall and Oates? Maybe if we were having the game back when they were cool–about a quarter to never–but The Roots were a perfect choice, especially for appealing to younger fans. I loved seeing them rock Flyers gear too even as a Bruins fan. Sam Carchidi, you messed up, man.
  • I wonder what happened to Jagr. They pointed out how he took very few shifts after the first and went to the, uh, dugout but never mentioned why. Hope he’s okay.
  • The beginning of the game was a little un-exciting, probably due to everyone learning the feel of the ice, but then when the goals started, the energy went up to 11! The last few minutes of the game were intense. I couldn’t bear the idea of leaving the room and potentially missing something huge. All in all, even though I don’t like either team, I still had a good time watching the game.
  • My Future WC Wishlist: Krista and I started going back and forth about this. If wishes were fishes, here are some ones I would certainly enjoy seeing. Boston/Detroit at Detroit because Detroit really wants to host one, Boston and Detroit would be a heck of a matchup and we’d get to see the Bruins on 24/7. Boston/Montreal at Montreal because then we could stop segregating American and Canadian teams in outdoor matches and if the NHL wants a rivalry, they got one here. (Also 24/7.) Los Angeles/Anaheim at either city to prove that it can happen (see also LA/NYR at Las Vegas) and because it’s a nice rivalry going out there. Florida/Tampa Bay at either city again to prove it can happen (since Thrashers/Panthers at Turner Field can’t ever happen) and because it’d be fun.


  • First off, Mike Milbury may not be my favorite commentator, but bless him for his little gaffe that NO ONE caught (and Bob Costas was standing right there). I can’t repeat what he said here, but here’s video proof  that the FCC censors don’t catch everything.
  • Twitter became unhinged during the singing of O Canada. People thought they were booing the song, but what happened was that the giant screen showed Claude Giroux, and the mostly Philly crowd erupted into a chant of “ROO,” which is his nickname. And then others were connecting it with Justin Bieber? How about NO.
  • Lauren Hart was not given the honor of singing God Bless America till the first intermission. I’m sure that ticked off a lot of Flyers fans, but are you really going to push Patti Labelle aside? At least Lauren got to sing!
  • Poor Ilya Bryzgalov sat out the game, huddling under a giant coat and a hat. He looked like he was…humongous cold (those who have seen this year’s edition of 24/7 will get that).
  • I tried in vain to answer the trivia questions on the NHL’s Twitterfeed. I actually blanked at one point and had to look up who assisted Roo on his goal (it was Max Talbot). So no Winter Classic hat for me.
  • That penalty shot by Danny Briere would’ve been wicked had he not aimed five-hole. You don’t go five-hole on a guy like Henrik Lundqvist. Come on, son.
  • My Future WC Wishlist: I like the idea of a California or Florida based one, but I have three involving the Blackhawks. The first would be a Chicago/Minnesota one played in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. The weather would be perfect there, and the Wild would get some exposure, so to speak. The second is purely selfish, because I would move heaven and earth to see a Chicago/Columbus matchup at the Horseshoe in Columbus. This might involve some finessing of Ohio State’s football schedule due to constructing the rink, so perhaps they could hold the game in Cleveland and play it on the rink they set up in Progressive Field for the Indians’ winter festival, as OSU and Michigan will for their game on the 15th. The third is a little awkward – I would love to see a Chicago/Boston game. It’s two Original Six teams, it’s teams who’ve played in the WC before, Emma and I admire the other’s teams and we’d see behind-the-scenes footage on 24/7. The only downside is that we’d probably be begging each other’s forgiveness before the game for things we’d say.

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