Posted by: emmaharger | January 5, 2012

Bruins game 36 wrapup

Boston Bruins at New Jersey Devils

6-1, Bruins

Goals: David Clarkson (New Jersey), Gregory Campbell (Boston), Nathan Horton (Boston), Patrice Bergeron x2 (Boston), David Krejci (Boston), Shawn Thornton (Boston)

Goalies: Tim Thomas (.968%), Martin Brodeur (.778%)

The Good:

The entirety of NHL 36: Patrice Bergeron (except the fact that it wasn’t indeed 36 hours long, haha). But that will be covered in an upcoming post.

Shawn Thornton took on Cam Janssen in a rather fun and satisfying little bout at the start of the game. However, this is when I really missed NESN. You know Jack Edwards would have just been beside himself with glee. Instead we got this weird commentating where they literally missed the start of the fight because they were running a highlight reel and then some pontificating on the role of the enforcer. I can’t speak empirically on Thornton’s experiences. I hope to God he’s not battling any demons like other enforcers who left us in 2011. But he’s an enforcer who’s also part of the famous Merlot Line (death, taxes, merlot), who scores, who got so close to scoring a hat trick at one point last season and nearly got a Gordie Howe tonight, who boxes in the offseason. I like to hope he enjoys who he is because he’s important to the team.

The slightly confusing first goal of the night–I thought it was Andrew Ference‘s, but turns out it was Gregory Campbell‘s. Well, it’s fine either way!

I'm okay with this!

In fact, between Campbell and Thornton’s goals, and a lot of good play by Daniel Paille (including a breakaway that was unsuccessful), the Merlot Line did a lot of good work this evening.

Right as the commentators–and some fans–were beginning to discuss Nathan Horton‘s scoring drought as of late, he put one home while we were on the power play. Keep the scoring touch going, Horty. We’re all rooting for you! Since linemate David Krejci also scored tonight, and Milan Lucic assisted on both his linemates’ goals, maybe the first line is starting to really hit its stride again!

This man. This wonderful, perfect man. Not only did we learn a lot about him on NHL 36 (he apparently likes Modern Family? Honey, let me introduce you to some better comedies, please, like Community or Parks and Recreation), but he scored twice tonight, including this absolutely sick goal that involved the entire Chaperone Line. His other goal, on a breakaway, was still lovely, but unassisted, so there was no great interaction like that. NHL 36 emphasized the camaraderie between Bergeron, Tyler Seguin and Brad Marchand. The game that followed made it obvious.

Though Edwards and Andy Brickley could not call the broadcast of this game, they both used Twitter to talk about it. They commented on the goals, talked about players, hyped up #BergeronForSelke (yes, please) and Edwards even said something he might feel reticent about saying on air:

The Bad:

While I love the slick new graphics and sweet ad blitz surrounding the birth of NBC Sports Network–the ad featuring Tim Thomas as a “brick wall of human fortitude” was filmed at the game I attended in person–I guess I’ve been spoiled on NESN’s team and now nothing else can compare. But some of the stuff was just heinous tonight, like how apparently no one can decide how to say Marchand. (Never mind that the media guide has pronunciation guides for each player’s name.)

The Ugly:

The music in general at the Devils’ arena was, as my friend Bethany put it, wicked outdated–I swear the arena DJ has a copy of the first Jock Jams on cassette–but one Bruins penalty was heralded by the song “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” Ugh, do we really need to make penalty calls a gendered thing and make it so what is perceived as feminine is construed as bad? No. Stick to ominous organ music or something when a penalty occurs.

Next Game:

vs. Calgary Flames

January 5


Ah, the Bs are back home to take on the hard-traveling (because of the World Juniors) Flames. Here’s hoping things continue to go well!


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