Posted by: emmaharger | January 8, 2012

Bruins game 38 wrapup

Vancouver Canucks at Boston Bruins

4-3, Canucks

Goals: Ryan Kesler (Vancouver), Brad Marchand (Boston), Rich Peverley (Boston), Alexandre Burrows (Vancouver), Henrik Sedin (Vancouver), Cody Hodgson (Vancouver), David Krejci (Boston)

Goalies: Tim Thomas (.889%), Cory Schneider (.923%)

The Good:

I gotta say the crowd was basically the funniest crowd I’ve seen yet. From effective trolling of bench-riding goalie Roberto Luongo to a nearly deafening chant of a certain expletive I shall not reprint after a phantom tripping call, I bet the people in the stands had a blast. Heck, even the organist got into the moment, playing Blackhawks goal song Chelsea Dagger at one point. It would’ve been even funnier if Luongo had been in net, but it was still funny.

Look at how elated Tyler Seguin looks that his liney–back from illness–Brad Marchand scored!

Nathan Horton had a good game today. When he wasn’t helping out by drawing penalties, he was proving his own in a fight with Dale Weise. That must’ve scared Weise because later he started posturing like he wanted a fight with Shawn Thornton, but backed down–and received a penalty anyway. Great job!

The Bad:

Um, okay, not much else was really good here, honestly. It’s not good that we surrendered four power-play goals. However, unlike Claude Julien, who pointed out that the players are partly at fault for all the time having to play on the PK, I’m going to go ahead and assign some blame to the officiating on this one. It was terrible! Phantom calls, imbalanced punishments against Boston, Vancouver getting away with stuff that would usually necessitate a call. Vancouver shouldn’t feel too secure that they were only able to score whenever they had an advantage. It was a Pyrrhic victory for them, that’s for sure.

Also, Marchand’s hit on Sami Salo…was dubious and questionable. I can see what he was trying to do, trying to avoid further injury by slamming into the boards, but it all went wrong. I hope Salo is alright and if Marchand gets disciplined for this, then it would be warranted.

The Ugly:

I smelled trouble as soon as Alex Burrows speared Thornton in the throat with his stick and Thornton answered…only to find himself under a pile of all the non-goalie Canucks on the ice at the time, plus some guys on their bench who decided to get their licks in too. This led to a big scrum involving, oh, everyone and then the breakout squabble with Horton, as mentioned above. However, once the dust settled and the errant equipment was collected off the ice, Vancouver ended up with a two-man advantage and Boston ended up with Milan Lucic gone for the rest of the game. The call–a weak one–was that Lucic had left his bench in order to fight. However, he was already legally on the ice for a line change that was going to happen until Burrows got poke-y with his stick. After the game they rescinded his misconduct. Thanks! Can we have a re-do or something then? Imagine how different the game might’ve been if our top line left-winger had been allowed to stay!

And hey, if you want to see the highlights reel of what went down, here you go:

What an absolute mess.

Next Game:

vs. Winnipeg Jets

January 10


I just groaned loudly in displeasure at the thought of it. We’ve split the series so far with them, so let’s put another W in our column, especially considering we’re at home for this one.


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