Posted by: kristagolden | January 9, 2012

Blackhawks-Red Wings Game 2 wrapup

Detroit Red Wings at Chicago Blackhawks

3-2, Red Wings (OT)

Goals: David Bolland and Patrick Sharp (Chicago), Valtteri Filppula, Daniel  Cleary and Pavel Datsyuk – OT (Detroit)

Goalies: Corey Crawford (.889), Ty Conklin (.935)

The Good

Steve Montador returned after being on Injured Reserve! Now we just need Marcus Kruger cleared (btw he was on the ice for morning skate, which is very good)! And congratulations to Sean O’Donnell, who played his 1200th game!

Congrats, Odie!

Dave Bolland slipped in a lovely goal in the first period, and Patrick Sharp got another one past 44 seconds later. Beautiful!

"I was on the cover of Sunday's Tribune Magazine AND I scored a goal! I am freaking awesome!"

Jimmy Hayes is certainly getting in his ice time with the gang – tonight he was tapped to make the penalty shot after Tomas Holmstrom made a dumb move and covered the puck with his hand as it skidded past the goal line. Jimmy missed the shot, but the moral of that is NO TOUCHY THE PUCKY, DING DONG.

Or things like this happen (sorry you missed that, Jimmy).

I learned tonight that touching the puck as it goes beyond the goal line warrants a penalty shot, and anyone on the team awarded the shot can take it. We had Monty, Andrew Brunette, Jimmy, Jamal Mayers and Odie on the ice at the time. That was the one time I wished the fourth line wasn’t out there.

Hey, Bolly’s goal was on a power play! We were 1 for 4 on the night, so that’s good! And in spite of a few hiccups, there was good defensive play! More please!

Jonathan Toews was 16 of 20 on faceoffs.  Skipping practice in the morning didn’t hurt him a bit. Dang, our robot captain is good.

After a much-needed system upgrade, Toewsbot was at optimum...derpface.

The Bad

Sharpie was slashed after his goal and didn’t come back after the first intermission. We all thought it was a concussion and he was in the quiet room, so at least we can be glad it’s not that. Q says we’ll see tomorrow. Ugh. For the love of kittens and hugs, no more injuries.

The Ugly

What is it with guys who like to taunt for a fight but won’t follow through? I saw a lot of that. Seemed like when the refs/linesmen came over, the Wings who started it would scatter. If you’re going to fight, just fight.

Not sure if going to fight or just pretending to want it.

I thought the reffing in the Bruins-Canucks game yesterday was bad, but this game took the cake. Brent Seabrook was tripped, but he got the slashing call? And why was there no penalty in overtime on Detroit for too many men? Or for goalie interference for pinning Corey Crawford to the ice so Pavel Datsyuk could sneak in that greasy little goal? How about goalie interference on that second Detroit goal? Oh, and then Johan Franzen was given two minutes for roughing for punching Bruno in the face…AFTER THE GAME WAS OVER. Commence facepalming.

One more thing: DETROIT SUCKS.

Next Game

vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

January 10


Ugh, not these guys again! Boys, don’t take them lightly – they have nothing to lose.

– Krista

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