Posted by: kristagolden | January 14, 2012

Blackhawks-Red Wings Game 3 wrapup

Chicago Blackhawks at Detroit Red Wings

3-2, Red Wings (OT)

Goals: Tomas Holmstrom (Detroit), Andrew Shaw and Jonathan Toews (Chicago), Todd Bertuzzi (Detroit) – OT

Goalies: Corey Crawford (40/43, .930), Jimmy Howard (25/27, .926)

The Good

The baby Swede has returned! Marcus Kruger was taken off Injured Reserve and activated for today’s game on the bottom line for starters (unfortunately, that meant sending Ben Smith back to Rockford). How was Krugs welcomed back? With a hooking penalty, yay!

I feel so bad for Corey Crawford. It was like NO ONE wanted to help him out there today. He made some wicked saves today, but that alone doesn’t win games or keep the other guys from scoring.

Come on, don't leave him alone out there!

Andrew Shaw scored the first goal on our side with a nice wrister after the puck bounced off the boards and was misdirected by Jimmy Howard. At least Jimmy didn’t shake the puck behind the goal line like Roberto Luongo did in the Vancouver-St. Louis game.

Chalk another one up for the Rockford boys.

And then Drew Miller had to go and high stick Shawsie in the face. He gave the youngling a bloody nose – as Michelle from Full House would say, how wude!

The Bad

Terrible news from the homefront: Daniel Carcillo will be having ACL reconstructive surgery on January 17th and will need six months’ rehab. Basically, his season’s done. I just hope they look at the good he’s done for the team and re-sign him at the end of the season, but that seems like a long shot.

It breaks my heart to see Patrick Kane in such a slump. You could see it in his eyes with every close shot, and I saw him bang his stick in frustration when he was on the bench. It’s not like he’s not trying! I’m sure he’s being hard on himself as it is, but it doesn’t help when every commentator repeatedly harps on the fact that he only has 10 goals in 45 games. Every player has their bad seasons, you know? Maybe this is Kaner’s.

I wish there was something I could do to give him some self-confidence. He really needs it right now.

The Ugly

Contrary to what Jonathan Toews might say, the first period was just ghastly. Poor puck control and no defense, which is why the Wings had 21 SOG to our four. Same goes for the OT, it was just a rehash of the first, except that we had no SOG at all. Sure, the guys came out in the third acting like Q had threatened during second intermission to keep them in Detroit overnight, but it didn’t last.

Next Game

vs. San Jose Sharks

January 15


Come on boys, we can’t let the Sharks bite us at home!

– Krista

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