Posted by: emmaharger | January 18, 2012

Bruins game 43 wrapup

Boston Bruins at Tampa Bay Lightning

5-3, Lightning

Goals: Vincent Lecavalier (Tampa Bay), Nathan Horton x2 (Boston), Tom Pyatt (Tampa Bay), Ryan Malone (Tampa Bay), Daniel Paille (Boston), Dominic Moore (Tampa Bay), Steven Stamkos (Tampa Bay)

Goalies: Mathieu Garon (26/29, .897%), Tim Thomas (26/30, .867%)

The Good:

Following a public call for better play on his part from coach Claude Julien, Nathan Horton answered…with two goals. It was good to see him smile. He has been streaky lately, but I feel like part of that may be due to quietly lingering postconcussive effects. His linemate David Krejci might be trying to start a new record points streak; he assisted on one of the Horton goals tonight.

Also, I could hardly believe my eyes–a SUCCESSFUL Daniel Paille breakaway. It was his second such move of the night, but it worked.

This is something I just realized when typing out the goal scorers: We were able to keep the top goal-scorer in the league from scoring while a goalie was still in our net. He was only able to pot one on an empty net (which did still suck, though).

The Bad:

We suffered a very slow start, so slow that it led some to wonder if there was NyQuil in the Bruins’ water bottles. I get that playing back to back on a roadie can be difficult, but coach tried to let them rest a little bit between games and you just have to get out there and play. However, I don’t think we ever recovered from that sluggish beginning. Heck, we didn’t even get an even-strength shot on goal until the first period was almost in the books.

There was a little bit of strange officiating, although it wasn’t as egregious as other games have been. However, calling Tyler Seguin for diving on what was an obvious hook by Steven Stamkos was just absurd. You try skating with a composite stick flung in your path like that and you stay upright! Good luck!

The Ugly:

Well, you know what? We lost to the team at the very bottom of the conference. This was Tampa Bay’s first victory of 2012 and snapped a seven-game losing streak. I really hope the guys are proud of themselves for the lovely mercy they showed, or something. I don’t know who those guys were out there tonight, but those were not the Bruins. Our defensemen were out in space on each of the Tampa Bay goals instead of trying to help their goalie. (With the trade deadline next month, I’m starting to wonder about any moves Boston might make–and mostly dreading the idea of it–but I feel like we’d look for a blueliner or two.) The forwards performed poorly for the most part. We gave up the most goals of any game this season so far. I don’t know if it’s some sort of combination of the following theories or what, but I hope it’s shaped up and soon. Is it the fact that we seem to struggle against Southeastern teams? Missing Brad Marchand and Rich Peverley? The effects of a back-to-back on a road trip in the Florida weather? A secret desire to go to Disneyworld? Pre-All Star Game funk? What is it? We have to fix it!

Next Game:

at New Jersey Devils

January 19


Now we leave the Southeast and go up to New Jersey, where last time we performed pretty well (a 6-1 victory). Maybe we can get some of that mojo back for our return visit!


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