Posted by: emmaharger | January 18, 2012

Despite disappointment, it’s a good time to be a Bruins fan

Even though the Bruins have gone 1 and 2 on their roadie and have been playing somewhat frustratingly lately, it’s still a good time to follow the men of the black and gold. It’s about to get pretty exciting for them.

This coming Monday, before the team takes on the Washington Capitals, they’re going to put on their fancy suits and go visit President Obama! The president will also recognize the charitable works of the Boston Bruins Foundation in addition to congratulating the team and probably making some goofy jokes about just how many of the Bruins are of Canadian origin. I’m excited to see pictures from it!

Next weekend is the All-Star Game weekend (January is just sneaking by; we’re both keenly aware we have yet to finish the December wrapup, but we’re working on it!) and the league has named its two team captains, the men who will be tasked with picking their teammates. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2012 All-Star Game captains are Daniel Alfredsson and Zdeno Chara! I kinda figured they’d pick someone from the host city like they did last year, but hey, Alfredsson is good guy, as Bryz might say. It’s great to see Chara get the C too. I just know he’s probably gonna go ahead and pick his teammates for his team. I’m OK with that.

Now we just wait and see if, say, someone is injured and cannot attend because reportedly Patrice Bergeron said he’d be okay with going as a substitute.

Also, the Casino Night to benefit the Bruins Foundation will be on Feb. 12. I am fully prepared to receive and enjoy photographic images of the men in fancy tuxedos running casino games. This will be good.

Plus we get Brad Marchand and Rich Peverley back tomorrow. YAY!


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