Posted by: kristagolden | January 19, 2012

Blackhawks-Sabres wrapup

Buffalo Sabres at Chicago Blackhawks

6-2, Blackhawks

Goals: Jason Pominville x2 (Buffalo), Andrew Shaw, Jonathan Toews x2, Marian Hossa, Jimmy Hayes and David Bolland (Chicago)

Goalies: Corey Crawford (25/27, .925), Jhonas Enroth (29/35, .829)

The Good

First off, I’d like to show you a Blackhawk who was once a Sabres fan. I’m sure you can guess who it is.

The Rockford Express keeps on rollin’: Jimmy Hayes and Andrew Shaw both scored goals tonight, and Shawsie got his first NHL assist on Jonathan Toews’ first goal of the night! In fact, creative Blackhawks fans started the Twitter hashtag #ShawFacts. Some of them are hilarious (my favorite: “Andrew Shaw puts Peggy on hold.”).

Chuck Norris wishes he was Andrew Shaw.

Corey Crawford, aka Mr. Crawsome, was, well, crawsome. So two swished by him. He still made some spectacular saves and brought the crowd to their feet. I would like to tell the commentators during the intermissions that there is no goalie controversy in Chicago. Stop looking for one.

"Where's Squishy...there you are!"

Dave Bolland made a potted a lovely shot in net and didn’t smile as usual…but he did smile tonight.

Look closely, see that smile? That's because Tazer scored his second goal.

The Bad

There’s been a lot of turtling in fights lately, but I think this takes the cake: Patrick Kaleta gave Hayes a clean hit, but Jimmy took exception to it and dropped gloves. What did Kaleta do? Curled up in a ball. Jimmy got his first minor, and Kaleta…I’ll be nice and not say anything.

Oof, the Buffalo D was awful. There was a lot of traffic at their net, but it was mostly a mass of red and not much white. They also had quite a few turnovers, and poor Jhonas Enroth was hung out to dry. Remember when I said Corey couldn’t do it all? Yeah, that applies to other teams.

The goal that Marcus Kruger didn’t get…ugh. It looked like Shawsie swatted the puck out of the air to the ice. It tipped off Shawsie’s stick to Krugs, who tipped it in the net. It was called a hand pass, so the goal wasn’t reviewable. Hand pass my behind.

The Ugly

I am very tired of hearing all the criticism about Patrick Kane’s lack of production so far this season. It really got under my skin when Mike Milbury went so far as to say that he “looks depressed” and predicted that the Blackhawks won’t win the Cup if he continues to slump. I’ve watched Patrick this season, and I can tell you that he’s trying, he really is. Maybe the switch from center to wing has made his head spin a bit, maybe the wrist surgery took him off his training over the summer and derailed him mentally, maybe he has some personal issues that he can’t shake. Could be a combination of those or something else entirely. Whatever it is, we need to let him work it out himself and not get on his case – it looks like he’s doing that to himself. He’s come so close to getting goals (Sunday’s theft by Niemi, hello) that I know it’ll happen. I don’t know when, nor does he. What I do know is that even if it lasts all season, this slump won’t be the end of him. He’ll learn from it and go on. All the greats have had bad seasons, even Gretzky. Just hush up and let him play with passion and love for the game.

Next Game

vs. Florida Panthers

January 20


The second meeting of the season! Wonder if Jose Theodore will be in net this time.

(by the way, the moppet in the picture is a young Patrick Kane!)

– Krista

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