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Bruins game 46 wrapup

Boston Bruins at Philadelphia Flyers

6-5, Bruins (SO)

Goals: Patrice Bergeron (Boston), Maxime Talbot x2 (Philadelphia), Tyler Seguin (Boston), Milan Lucic (Boston), Scott Hartnell x3 (Philadelphia), David Krejci (Boston), Gregory Campbell (Boston); David Krejci (Boston), Claude Giroux (Philadelphia), Tyler Seguin (Boston) in the shootout

Goalies: Tim Thomas (33/38, .868% plus 2/3 in the shootout), Ilya Bryzgalov (32/37, .865% plus 0/2 in the shootout)

The Good:

Even though the NESN screen graphics were messed up and reported a phantom Boston goal pretty much as soon as the game started, soon after that, Patrice Bergeron made it right. He also got an assist and, honestly, based on the nuttiness of this game, I didn’t place the possibility of him getting a Gordie Howe out of my head. I know it’s unlikely, but well, that one time he fought Josh Gorges, he made it clear that he will if the conditions are right.

So, when would they report on injury subs who are headed to the ASG? Why do I ask? No reason.

 Now, someone did come away from today with a Gordie Howe hatty. That would be Milan Lucic. In addition to scoring and assisting on David Krejci‘s goal, he took on Tom Sestito, who was called up from the minors because of injuries to fellow teammates (and uh, really made an impact–more on that later). Later, not included in this video, Jack Edwards reported that the fight had relieved Sestito of one of his teeth, although the specific tooth’s location was not noted.

Having the Bru-Tang Clan back in full force paid off in the first. Bergeron scored, assisted by Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin. Later on, Seguin scored on the power play, assisted by Bergeron. Maybe they were worn down a little bit, especially in the second, but in the first they were pretty ace.

I'm very OK with this.

 Bruins always come to the defense of one another, as exemplified in this video below.

Sestito makes his first impact of the game by plowing into Steven Kampfer (like, really, dude? Kampfer?!) and then Chris Kelly takes exception to that and fights Brayden Schenn so hard that his sweater gets torn and blood appears.

Seeing red.

 Kelly isn’t known primarily for his pugilism; before this season, his last recorded fight on HockeyFights is from, uh, 2005-06. But he isn’t afraid to answer the bell either if need be.

Sestito’s next, and most worrying, impact came when he slammed into Nathan Horton. Horton fell, Sestito fell too, Horton got back to his feet and gave Sestito a shove and a scrum broke out. But, very worryingly, Horton did not return to the game and underwent evaluation for a head injury. I’m very concerned and hope to see Horty back in action soon. (However, the penalties assessed to Horton and Lucic following that scrum led directly to the sudden surge of Scott Hartnell goals…)

Finally from that video, Hartnell’s hit on Kelly. All Kelly is trying to do is get out of that pile developing there and then WHAM! But thankfully Shawn Thornton is right there and takes Hartnell to the cleaners for it.

On his way to the sin bin after an earlier bout against Jody Shelley, with whom Thornton has a beef going back at least a decade, he gave the Philly crowd a little extra (pardon the slight blurriness):


Also much love to David Krejci and Gregory Campbell for fighting back against that 4-3 trail we’d managed to create from a 3-1 lead.

Plus, when I heard Seguin was going out in the shootout, I have to admit, I felt a slight concern. He usually tends to miss in shootouts, even though he’s fast and has good hands. But this time, he gave me reason to believe! (Hey Krista–his shootout move kinda reminded me of your boy Kaner’s methods for shootouts.)

The Bad:

This will be covered to a heavier degree in a separate post later (I need to take some time to gather myself about it like with Marchand), but Andrew Ference‘s suspension. Sigh. I guess that means Kampfer might get a little more playing time, huh? Fun fact: this makes the Bruins one of the most heavily punished teams in the league at nine total games missed. I’m going to clamp down and not talk more about it right now because, again, separate post.

I think the team was deflated in the second period. (It showed on the score sheet.) Maybe it was the intense physicality of the first or the penalties taken in the first, but it felt like the Bruins were less willing to get as heated as they had done before. Perhaps part of it was a fear of taking further penalties. Sorry I’m not sorry the Bruins play big physical hockey when they need to do it.

The Ugly:

That first goal by Max Talbot has its assists listed as Kimmo Timonen and Ilya Bryzgalov (who could’ve gotten into humangous big trouble during a scrum when he threw the blocker hand in Marchand’s direction, an automatic penalty), but in my mind, Dennis Seidenberg helped out too. He was trying to clear the puck from the zone, but instead it deflected happily off his blade and right behind Tim Thomas. Facepalm. This is the most egregious example of some defensive struggling I saw during the game.

Oh, yeah, the blocker thing. What had happened was Andrej Meszaros nudged Marchand to trip over Bryzgalov after a whistle, and when he did, it turned into a scrum and Bryzgalov lunged out, threw the blocker and I was able to explain how goalie penalties work to my friend Bethany.

The zebra's like "Don't do it, Bryz! It's not worth it! Think of your husky dog!"

 I see how it works, refs. We go in to defend our men when they get hit (the Hartnell-Kelly-Thornton bit mentioned earlier) and we get unfairly punished for doing so, unbalanced penalties that helpfully allow the other team to score. What are we supposed to do: dive and hide and turtle like, uh, certain other teams? No! Like I said, the Bruins don’t do that. It’s just frustrating when other teams poke the bear, the bear answers and the bear is the one getting the most heat for it. Sigh.

Next Game:

at Washington Capitals

January 24


Right after their win in Philly, the Bruins boarded an Amtrak train for their trip to Washington. This is not only sensible considering how close the two cities are, but might enthuse Vice President and Amtrak enthusiast Joe Biden. Tomorrow the Bruins will go see President Obama, which is exciting! Then on Tuesday they take on the Caps in the last game for them before ASG break. This should be fun!


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