Posted by: emmaharger | January 25, 2012

Bruins game 47 wrapup

Boston Bruins at Washington Capitals

5-3, Capitals

Goals: Rich Peverley (Boston), Cody Eakin (Washington), Mathieu Perreault x3 (Washington), Tyler Seguin (Boston), Brad Marchand (Boston), Dennis Wideman (Washington, ENG)

Goalies: Tomas Vokoun (29/32, .906%), Tuukka Rask (18/22, .818%)

The Good:

Well, it was nice to see Rich Peverley score again. It had been a little while.

Tyler Seguin‘s goal reminded me of Patrice Bergeron‘s second goal from game 7 of the finals. It was a little unorthodox, but it made it into the net, and that’s what mattered.

Brad Marchand scored! Maybe some of the suspension rust has worn off of him!

Also there was an incident where Zdeno Chara and Alexander Semin collided, Semin kinda fell down and Chara bent and made sure he was okay. Chara also went and got a towel to help out a young fan who was struck by a puck, according to ESPN reporter Joe McDonald. Zdeno Chara: He’s a pretty cool guy.

The Bad:

This game had a pretty flat, unexciting start. Pretty much everything else I’ll go ahead and classify as ugly…

The Ugly:

Cue the old goalie cliche of “I bet he wish he had that one back,” but my God, that first Capitals goal. Rask thinks he made the save, but then the puck dribbles down his shoulder and behind the goal line. My face was frozen in shock for a good thirty seconds or so.

The defense was just…at times so ineffective that after the game, Claude Julien, when asked about it, said “You’re talking about our defense? There was none.” Is Andrew Ference the organic, locally-sourced glue that keeps Boston’s defense together? He is an alternate, after all. There were times when I guess the defense decided their best strategy was to get in around Tuukka, stand there and stare at pucks headed his way, hoping maybe they’d freeze in their tracks after being so effectively mean mugged. This strategy did not work very well.

How charitable of the Bruins to allow two players to score hat tricks in consecutive games. I’m sure there are stats on how rare that is, but that is not at all good and I imagine it is going to stick with them for a while.

This game was just kind of a mess. You know how sometimes in school you would just kind of phone it in and not really try on the last day before a vacation? Yep. Here’s hoping the All-Star Game break is good and productive for the Bruins and they come back ready and raring to play their best hockey. Lately, they have not done such a thing.

Next Game:

vs. Ottawa Senators

January 31


Heh, that’s funny, we’re playing the All-Star host city after the All-Star Game. But they have to come to Boston. Who knows how things will go?


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