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Critiquing the Winter Classic Sweaters

Our favorite players may be going on an All-Star break (or prepping for the festivities), but don’t worry, we’re not. We have some things we’ve been working on that will be perfect for the quieter times of the ASG break (including the December wrapup that just got super delayed for many various and sometimes boring reasons). Like here’s a little fun based on a feature we’ve seen at Huffington Post where two political reporters snark on pictures of the movers and shakers in the halls of power–except we’re turning our eye on the sweaters worn at the outdoor games. Enjoy.

2003 Heritage Classic

Montreal vs. Edmonton

Krista: Um, aren’t these just the jerseys they normally wear? I would think they’d want a little something different for this.

Emma: Yeah, they seem to be pretty standard aside from the commemorative patches. Maybe this is before they thought it’d be fun to differentiate this game with unique sweaters. Also, this is the first–and certainly not the last–appearance of Ty Conklin between the pipes.

Krista: So, yeah, uh…what were we talking about?

Emma: You do realize I only got this photo for you, right? Because both of us find Jose Theodore rather attractive in addition to rather talented? And because the effects of breathing in such a cold environment as it was that day makes him look almost ethereal? Who’s lookin’ out for ya?

2008 Winter Classic

Buffalo vs. Pittsburgh

Krista: Did Buffalo not get the message about different jerseys? Or don’t they have some kind of throwback design? Whatever. Let’s talk about those Pens jerseys and how they remind me of the Panthers’ third jerseys.

Emma: The Sabres used their away jerseys from their inaugural season, 1970-71, for this event. The Penguins also went back to 1970-71 for their design. I really liked the baby blue coloration and after this, they decided to make these their third jerseys. Well, until a future Winter Classic, when they made those sweaters their new thirds… PS: Guess who’s between the pipes for Pittsburgh? Ty Conklin!

2009 Winter Classic

Chicago vs. Detroit

Krista: For some reason, my brain comes up with the words “striped candy” and “cheap plastic toys” when I think of Detroit’s jerseys. Please don’t ask.

Emma: Yeah, I feel like eating some candy canes right now and I hate candy canes. Detroit threw all the way back to the 1926-27 Detroit Cougars (an old team name) for their design, while Chicago combined two years (1935-36 for the design, 1948-49 for the logo) for their design. That one reminds me of comfy pajamas for some reason.

PS: Know who was in net for Detroit here? …Ty Conklin.

2010 Winter Classic

Boston vs. Philadelphia

Krista: Happy little bumblebees!

Emma: Hufflepuff Quidditch Team vs. a fairly plain-looking design from Philadelphia. It bugs me how their names are in white on a black nameplate. It just looks like they had printed someone else’s names on the jerseys, then got the current players, so they slapped electrical tape on the name and scribbled the new one on there. You can have white text on white with a nice bold black stroke around the text. It is possible. PS: I actually really liked the Bruins’ design, and that’s not just because I’m a Bruins fan, but because the colors just work well together.

2011 Heritage Classic

Calgary vs. Montreal

Krista: Either Calgary’s playing Quidditch for Gryffindor, or McDonald’s paid them for the free advert space. And who told them tan shorts looked good with the Ronald McDonald stripes? Meanwhile, what in God’s name is on Carey Price‘s face?!

Emma: YOU CAN’T CANCEL QUIDDITCH! It is a bit too stripey for my taste. Maybe the stripey top would’ve worked better with plain red socks. As for Price’s mask, it has a face on it. So the face corresponds roughly to his face. It’s not just any face, though. Oh no. It’s Jacques Plante’s face. I’m not kidding. Disturbing as all get out, but I guess that’s how he wanted to pay tribute to another legendary Habs netminder.

Habs are weird.

2011 Winter Classic

Pittsburgh vs. Washington

Krista: I kinda like the Pens’ jerseys. And Washington’s looks very clean and simple.

Emma: I’m kind of in love with the stars all over the Caps’ getup. Makes me feel all proud to be an American and stuff. Total 70s throwback, back to right around the time of the bicentennial, and I dig it. As for Pittsburgh’s second WC visit, I like that the penguin on the front has on a little scarf. You can’t really see it in the photo there because a stick is blocking it, but even the penguin is dressed for outdoor play. Aww! The blues are alright, but I kind of don’t like the way they put the numbers on there, the same sort of “shadow” way the Rangers use on their home gear. It just looks unusual to me. These are their new thirds, by the way.

2012 Winter Classic

New York Rangers vs. Philadelphia

Krista: OWWWWWWW those Philly jerseys are burning my retinas! They don’t make Visine drops to cure this either!

Emma: Remember when I said their 2010 sweaters were kind of boring? I guess they realized that and decided to inflict these Halloween caution-cone nightmares on us instead. I do like that the alternates (not pictured here) had their As enclosed in stylized representations of the Keystone State. (But they were still hard to look at in HD, real talk.) As for the Rangers, someone should really tell their laundry staff to use Clorox when washing them. The off-white didn’t look crisp, just musty, like the jerseys were stored in a dank basement and left to mildew and such.

If all those as-yet-unsubstantiated rumors about the 2013 Winter Classic being Detroit-Toronto prove to be true, we look forward to critiquing their sweaters too around this time next year.

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