Posted by: kristagolden | January 29, 2012

The real star of the show

Who’s the biggest star in Ottawa this weekend? It’s not Zdeno Chara or Shea Weber, nor is it Evgeni Malkin or Jonathan Quick. Nope, it’s a six year old boy who’s done nothing more than interview hockey players.

Chicago Blackhawks fans know him as Joey the Junior Reporter, and he’s been at this since last season. He interviewed Patrick Sharp about his Chicago Magazine cover, asked Brian Campbell who was the biggest turkey on the team and told Coach Quenneville that he liked his mustache.

I’m not sure of the origins of Joey; some say he’s the son of a fan, while others say he’s the son of someone in the Blackhawks front office. Maybe a fellow fan can give me the scoop on him. There is that joke amongst Blackhawks fans that Joey looks so much like Jonathan Toews did at that age that he must be Tazer’s love child. We kid because we love them both.

See the resemblance? We do (and so did Blackhawks TV, this was their Youtube background in December).

Joey made his longed-for comeback for the Blackhawks’ TV Christmas special, and he had the biggest assignment of his young career this weekend: special correspondent for NHL Network! His first assignment was the Fan Fair, and he stuck to a couple of fans:

His next assignment was All-Star Media Day, where reporters get to interview the players. My favorite part was his little confession to Henrik Lundqvist:

I hope we see more of Joey on BHTV and who knows, maybe he’ll return to next year’s ASG!

– Krista

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