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2012 All-Star Game Reactions

2012 NHL All-Star Game

12-9 Chara

Goals: Marian Gaborik x3 (Chara), Evgeni Malkin (Chara), Jason Spezza (Alfredsson), Henrik Sedin (Alfredsson), John Tavares (Alfredsson), Joffrey Lupul x2 (Chara), Jason Pominville (Alfredsson), Daniel Alfredsson x2 (Alfredsson), Patrick Kane (Chara), Phil Kessel (Chara), Milan Michalek (Alfredsson), Jarome Iginla (Chara), Claude Giroux (Alfredsson), Marian Hossa (Chara), Zdeno Chara (Chara), Corey Perry (Chara), Daniel Sedin (Alfredsson)

Goalies: Jimmy Howard (11/14, .786%), Henrik Lundqvist (9/12, .750%), Carey Price (12/15, .800%), Brian Elliott (13/19, .684%), Tim Thomas (18/21, .857%), Jonathan Quick (10/13, .769%)

(Phew! I thought writing out the goal scorers for Boston’s 9-0 routing of Calgary was intense! -E)

For this game, we’re going to do what we did for the skills competition post and just focus on highlights instead of good-bad-ugly.

Emma: I liked all the pomp and circumstance of the player intros…I even liked that song they played over the intros. The reception that the Boston contingent received was great too–especially for Zdeno Chara, but that applause for Tim Thomas was excellent!

Slovakian domination! All three Slovakian teammates scored at least once, while Marian Gaborik got a hat trick and the MVP award. That’s not to say there wasn’t any Swedish offense: between Daniel Alfredsson‘s two standing-ovation goals and each Sedin potting one home, Europe did well.

It's all smiles for Hossa and Gaborik.

The second penalty shot in ASG history (the first came last year) was awarded to Steven Stamkos after it was decided Dion Phaneuf had denied him a quality chance to score (although Stamkos awkwardly went down to his knees and tried anyway!). Jimmy Howard stoned him, though–the NHL’s leading goal scorer against the NHL’s winning-est netminder. Not bad.

American viewers got a treat when they mic’d up Carey Price for the second period. Although I think they distracted him at one point and he let in a goal, for the rest of the time his insight was fun, enlightening and interesting. Actually, I liked everyone they chose to mic up–and I was able to watch the CBC version on NHL Network and see their wiring too. They allowed Joffrey Lupul and Scott Hartnell to call the game for a few minutes during the second and it was fun!

The lamb is prepared with the proper equipment before being led to slaughter.

This is the happiest collision ever between Phaneuf and John Tavares.


And you won’t get any “Drake sucks/who is Drake/why did they pick Drake?” from me. I actually like Drake, going back to his days playing Jimmy on guilty pleasure Degrassi: The Next Generation. Drake grew up in Toronto and used to play hockey himself. It was a good fit. I especially liked the players who came back out to watch him perform (anyone else catch Tyler Seguin singing along?) and how he then went into the locker rooms, met all the players and everyone just had a circle of love. It was fun!

Team Chara had more guys come out to watch the show. Overheard in the hallway by an unnamed player, according to the Lightning Twitter: "Hey, isn't that the guy from Degrassi?"

It was good to see Tim Thomas get his fourth ASG win. It seems like Team Chara came alive when he was between the pipes. Maybe they were all inspired by the record he was seeking. He seemed to have so much fun too, all smiles and laughs even after letting in a Claude Giroux goal that in a normal game would cause me to flip out. At one point he even biffed a puck out of the air with his glove hand while facing the boards (maybe inspired by Price’s antics the day before?). See a gif here. It was really cool.

Boss mode.

The only ugly part of the game? Cue the Darth Vader theme…

HARPER: It'd be nice to have another Canadian team, sir. BETTMAN: Yes, the Atlanta relocation went so well. How about Iqaluit? HARPER: That could work.

Overall, it was a great experience and a total blast. I loved it!

Next year, in Columbus! (And maybe with the both of us there? We'll see if the stars align.)

Krista: My first ASG was really exciting! To see so much talent concentrated in one place…wow.

Emma mentioned the Slovak contingent of Gabby, Marian Hossa and Big Z. If Team Alfredsson was a meeting of Swedes, then Team Chara was a reunion of Ducla Trencin. I loved that all three of them scored.

Všetko bolo krásne a nič bolieť (everything was beautiful and nothing hurt).

The first goal was a hoot: Gabby scored on Henrik Lundqvist and then gave an Artem Anisimov-style celly:

Tim Thomas kept Alfie from potting his own hat trick, but it was nice to see the crowd stand for him twice. What made me roll my eyes was the booing that Lupul and Phil Kessel received for their goals. I know it was a partisan crowd, but really, could they be more childish?

I also loved Drake’s performance, and of course he went to the locker rooms during intermission to meet the players. One guy got his fanboy on:

I really hope we can go to ASG next year, that would be the best experience short of going to the Stanley Cup Finals! Keep your fingers crossed!

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