Posted by: kristagolden | February 4, 2012

Blackhawks-Flames Game 4 wrapup

Chicago Blackhawks at Calgary Flames

3-1, Flames

Goals: Olli Jokinen (Calgary), Brent Seabrook (Chicago), Jay Bouwmeester and Jarome Iginla (Calgary)

Goalies: Ray Emery (29/32, .906), Miikka Kiprusoff (26/27, .963)

The Good

Defensively, we did much better than we did in Edmonton. Tighter in our zone, and we kept them down to three goals. We learned our lesson after that disaster.

I'm only posting this pic of Jonathan Toews for the look on his face, like something on the ice terrifies him. Those pucks can be scary.

The lone goal of the night for the boys came from Brent Seabrook off a very nice feed from Patrick Kane. Patrick was more than patient waiting for the right moment to send the puck to Seabs, who found the perfect spot to pot the goal. For those who complain that Patrick isn’t productive this season, I guess they don’t count assists in the equation (by the way, he has 33).

The Bad

I think the point where things just turned for the worse was when Michael Frolik was sent to the sin bin for a high sticking double minor. It was during that penalty kill that Jay Bouwmeester shot the puckĀ  in off the rebound. Later, Fro took responsibility for probably turning the tide of the game.

Bad news: Andrew Brunette had been hurt in the Edmonton game, and they now want him to be evaluated ASAP. From the sound of things, it’s a rather serious upper-body injury. Ugh, DO NOT WANT.

The Ugly

Okay, I have to address something I saw today that bugged me. Someone online who had been a big fan of the Blackhawks has suddenly decided that because the team has lost five in a row, they’re officially done with the team. That’s their prerogative, but it hurts to be called a bandwagoner by some while others who profess to be “real” fans pull things like this. I won’t say a “real” fan wouldn’t do such a thing (there is no such thing as a “real” fan, you either are or you aren’t), but I do know that a true fan stands by their team through their high points and their dark times. These are dark times for the boys, and they need all the support Blackhawks Nation can give them. Abandoning them because they lost is just childish.

Next Game

at Colorado Avalanche

February 7


Time for the second leg of the road trip! I cringe at the thought of Varlamov being in net for this game.

– Krista


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