Posted by: emmaharger | February 4, 2012

Bruins game 50 wrapup

Pittsburgh Penguins at Boston Bruins

2-1, Penguins

Goals: Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh), Matt Cooke (Pittsburgh), Joe Corvo (Boston)

Goalies: Marc-Andre Fleury (28/29, .966%), Tim Thomas (26/28, .929%)

The Good:

We had a few bursts of energy here and there that created some promising chances, including a few times when I think there was disbelief about Boston not managing to score.

Our second line–even though they still feel a little “off” lately, like passes from Tyler Seguin to Brad Marchand or the other way around are failing more often when they should be connecting–was doing a lot of work today. They tried and tried and tried (the fact that none of it went in…well, that’s in a different section of this wrapup), so much so that the Root Sports guys basically thought they were the top line.

As for Joe Corvo scoring, I’ll take it because it saved us the distinction of being shut out twice in a row, but it still feels like too little too late for a guy who hasn’t gelled very well with Boston’s defensive corps. I think it came from desperation because he was right there in the crease when Matt Cooke scored and didn’t do much to try and stop it.

After the game, Claude Julien noticed improvements in some areas over the Carolina game, which is a good thing. He even said he looks forward to playing tomorrow even though back-to-backs are sometimes not our strong suit. God bless him for being able to be more positive than I am about this game!

The Bad:

Having to watch the Pittsburgh version of events was at times amusing (like when even they thought some of the penalties called against Boston were weak) and at times infuriating. At one point they said Milan Lucic was 6’4″ but could be 6’6″ if he stood up straight. Thing is, Lucic cannot do that. He has Scheuermann’s disease, which causes curvature of the spine and can result in a ‘humpback’ appearance. Lucic kind of has that, as seen in this photo:

See how his back juts out at the top?

 This kind of stuff can only be “fixed” with intense spinal surgery that would surely end Lucic’s career. So instead he has decided to be awesome and play even with his disease. He stands up as straight as he can. So either look at his Wikipedia page–which explains his condition–or think twice before making some dumb joke like that.

Also reportedly some Penguins, including Kris Letang, were barking at David Krejci, perhaps thinking to get revenge for Krejci’s elbowing of Sidney Crosby during their last outing together (again, never mind the collision with Chris Kunitz that Crosby had that game and looked super painful; it was all Krejci’s fault). Nothing came of it, although part of me wished someone would try to start something because the Bruins would strike down upon them with great vengeance and furious anger, but look at those tough guys targeting noted Bruins enforcer Krejci. Oh, wait.

The Ugly:

Like I said above, the reffing in this game was at times so bad that even Pittsburgh’s announcers noticed it. Their initial assessment of the slashing call on Rich Peverley was literally to ask “Where’s the slash?” (Touch Evgeni Malkin, get a penalty?) Well, then when Malkin scored on the resulting power play, they changed their tune. The hooking call on Benoit Pouliot also seemed to be based on nothing. Too bad we didn’t get a penalty shot as an apology from the refs this time for bad calls!

We were given a four-minute power play after Pascal Dupuis high-sticked (high-stuck? What is the past tense of that?) Seguin but couldn’t do a single thing about it. Not for lack of trying–there were some open nets–but we just couldn’t capitalize on any of those chances and it was frustrating.

Ugh, it just had to be Matt Cooke scoring on the Bruins, didn’t it? So upsetting. (Bruins fans booing him thereafter sated me a little bit, though, I have to admit.)

Next Game:

at Washington Capitals

February 5

NBC Sports Network

Well, if Handsome Ralph feels confident going into this game, I trust him. (I don’t necessarily agree, based on the Bruins’ record as of late, but he is the coach.) Here’s hoping they do well so they can have a good time at Tuukka Rask‘s Super Bowl party.


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