Posted by: emmaharger | February 5, 2012

Bruins game 51 wrapup

Boston Bruins at Washington Capitals

4-1, Bruins

Goals: Milan Lucic (Boston), Brad Marchand (Boston), Tyler Seguin (Boston), Marcus Johansson (Washington), Rich Peverley (Boston–empty net)

Goalies: Tim Thomas (35/36, .972%), Tomas Vokoun (26/29, .897%)

The Good:

Hey, there they are! There are the Bruins I remember! With this win, the Bruins continue their pattern of never losing more than two in a row since November.

Perhaps part of this win can be attributed to how Claude Julien shook up the lines. Still missing Nathan Horton (who reportedly started skating back home in Boston today), Julien maybe sensed the funk too and decided to make some changes. The lines, per warmups and NHLBruins Twitter, were

First: Lucic-Krejci-Peverley

Second: Unchanged, Marchand-Bergeron-Seguin (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it)

Third: Pouliot-Kelly-Caron

Fourth: Unchanged, Paille-Campbell-Thornton

However, at some points during the game, I noticed Benoit Pouliot going for it on the first line! (Not that the announcers brought much attention to it, preferring to cast this entire game as “When are Zdeno Chara and Alexander Ovechkin on the ice together and when are they not?”)

Milan Lucic scored one for the Root Sports guys making fun of his disease yesterday. It was a top-shelf beauty too, where mama keeps the peanut butter.

Like I said, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it with regards to the second line. Both Tyler Seguin and Brad Marchand put one away, both assisted by Patrice Bergeron. It was Seguin’s 20th of the season (heh, 20 for the 20-year-old) and he told Naoko Funayama that he predicted it would come from a nice Marchand pass. That is exactly what happened.

Do you three want to be alone?

 Rich Peverley‘s empty-netter was just the icing on the cake.

Adam McQuaid took on Matt Hendricks and while Hendricks sent McQuaid to the ice, McQuaid got some pretty decent licks in before he went. Check it out:

Tim Thomas quite nearly had a shutout there. He was fantastic, putting his “battlefly” skills to great use and making some saves that stunned pretty much everyone.

Now Bruins, go back to Boston and have fun at your Super Bowl party!

The Bad:

Oof, there was some bad defensive coverage on that Washington goal. I think Dennis Seidenberg got a piece of it–in a bad way–but Joe Corvo was the other d-man out there and his lack of trying was just…well, you know what, Bruins beat reporter Joe Haggerty had the most succinct takeaway of it on Twitter: “Joe Corvo…I have no words for the level of disinterest you sometimes show in the world of playing defense.” Ouch.

"Es tut mir leid, Tim."

The Ugly:

Jack Edwards alluded to how the commissioner should do something to strengthen regional broadcasting rights. I’m all for that because the national broadcast can be so egregious, as it was today. (I do understand the desire to broadcast games to a larger audience and receive more audience share and ad revenue and such, though.) When they weren’t busily trying to cast this game as Chara vs. Ovechkin and no one else, or making it obvious that they were pulling for the Caps based on the way calls were worded, they were getting things wrong. For example, in the pregame show, someone (I didn’t catch whom, exactly, as I was looking down at the food I was eating, haha) said the trade deadline is March 27 and no one called him on it. Someone else also said Bergeron is the leading goal-scorer for the Bruins when a quick fact-check shows Seguin is. (Bergeron is the leading points-getter.) Also, his name is Andrew Ference, not Brad Ference, and that has happened before!

The entirety of the game, according to NBC Sports Network.

Next Game:

at Buffalo Sabres

February 8

NBC Sports Network

Oh boy, another NBCSN game! Against a team that, back in November, we had some drama with but now is struggling to get out of the near-bottoms of both Northeastern and Eastern standings! We’ll just see how this turns out, huh?


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