Posted by: emmaharger | February 8, 2012

How do you say YEAH! HA-WHAT? OKAAAAAY! in French?

I remember the glory days of Lil’ Jon, back in about 2003-2004 when the crunk genre of rap was just huge. Being from Atlanta meant his songs were played ad infinitum here. The impressions of him on Chappelle’s Show were–and remain–hilarious. My favorite song of his is probably Yeah! even though that’s primarily by Usher (and has an appearance by Ludacris). Back in the day, Lil’ Jon also appears to have been a Thrashers supporter. Hometown team, of course. There is a famous photo of him with Kari Lehtonen that still appears second if you do a Google image search for Lehtonen’s name only.

(At one point, Lil’ Jon and Usher’s names were bandied about as possible new owners of the Thrashers before the relocation. It obviously went nowhere, but wouldn’t that have been hilarious?)

Well, now it seems Lil’ Jon has, like many other Thrashers fans, changed his fan affiliation.

(Basically all of Lil’ Jon’s tweets are in all caps like this. It makes for a pretty entertaining read.)

Lil’ Jon appears to have been given the VIP treatment. He got to meet with the man whose sweater he is wearing and his commentary is so fun I had to leave it in:

(Man, PK Subban looks really good in a suit!)

Montreal won 3-2 in a shootout against Pittsburgh, so maybe Lil’ Jon was good luck? At the very least, he appeared to have a good time. HA-WHAT? OKAAAAAY! YEAH!


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