Posted by: emmaharger | February 10, 2012

The Bruins get charitable

After the terrible performance the Bruins put on Wednesday night, Bruins Nation needs some things to be happy about. Thankfully, the team provided that in spades Thursday following a practice that sounded kind of brutal.

Milan Lucic went to Target (ah, my favorite store) to kick off the fifth annual PJ Drive. The PJ Drive donates new, unused pajamas to children in need across Massachusetts. It was started by PJ Axelsson, so the name is not only self-explanatory but also a pun. Lucic signed autographs for anyone who donated pajamas, but sadly he himself did not appear in pajamas, unlike that one time Zdeno Chara was in a onesie with footies.

From @NHLBruins, Lucic meets with a fan at Target. Nice sweater!

Blades made a few pajama choices too.

Lucic joked that he used to wear these pajamas, which say "Mom says I'm a real catch." Aww!

Andrew Ference and Chris Kelly were in the same town as Lucic, but they visited the Perkins School for the Blind and participated in a really cool game called goalball. Goalball is somewhat like soccer inasmuch as it has nets and a ball, but the ball has bells in it so you can hear how close or far it is, and you’re blindfolded so you must rely on hearing alone. (It also creates a fair playing field for people who may be totally blind versus people with visual impairments.) The mission is to roll the ball past the other team and into their net. So, Ference and Kelly channeled their best goalie instincts and had a great time with the students.

Ference and Kelly pose for a group photo at Perkins.

Steven Kampfer inaugurated the season’s first Warrior Youth Hockey Clinic. Does that mean more photos of hockey players with cute kids? Um, you bet.

Calling the shots with the little ones--hey, what's that one kid doing with the pylon?

These didn’t happen today, but they are recent and adorable too. Benoit Pouliot and Tuukka Rask went to Tufts Medical Center, one of the sites the team visited in December with holiday gifts, but this time they helped the kids make valentines. Aww! The kids even made a valentine for the team!

Turns out Rask, a fellow lefty, is a fairly decent artist.

Pouliot made some good stylistic choices with sparkly purple hearts.


Alright, guys. You’re all adorable and kindhearted and charitable and sweet. Now go make us proud on the ice!


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