Posted by: emmaharger | February 15, 2012

Bruins game 54 wrapup

New York Rangers at Boston Bruins

3-0, Rangers

Goals: Ryan Callahan, Ryan McDonagh, Artem Anisimov (New York)

Goalies: Henrik Lundqvist (42/42, 1.000%), Tim Thomas (17/20, .850%)

The Good:

We at least exerted some effort–42 shots on goal is nothing to sneeze at–but for the most part it was too little too late. The best hustle I saw came with a last-ditch effort to stop Lundqvist getting a shutout when the Bruins got a very late-game power play. That should not be how the Bruins play the game. Where’s that old “Full 60” mojo?

The Bad:

Most of tonight was ugly, but it’s pretty bad that fully half of the last six games have seen the Bruins score a goose egg.

The Ugly:

You could practically see the team just give up after that first power play goal (Chara gets the penalty, but nothing for the guy who pushed him or who hooked him as he went down? okay) and that’s just upsetting. It’s the fans who should get all riled up about unfair things that happen on the ice. It’s our nights that should be dampened when the refs miss a call or a goal is waved off. The team should be better able to shake off one little bad thing and make good from it, but tonight they just didn’t. They tried a little harder in the second, but then when Dennis Seidenberg’s attempted goal was rightly waved off because it never went into the right part of the net, they deflated again. It was upsetting to watch because it really just seemed like they were content to lose, too, like it was somehow okay to be shut out just because it was against the first-place league darlings the Rangers. No. That’s not okay. Claude Julien has said that this road trip is going to serve partly as the team’s attempt to rediscover its identity. I really hope they find something good because, although we banked a lot of points in the standings back when it was, say, November and we were killin’ it, it’s much better to get two points than to get none at all.

Next Game:

at Montreal Canadiens

February 15

NBC Sports Network

Oh lovely, we’re going to go see our archrivals and they just lost to Carolina too. Both of us are fresh off big fat red Ls and want to do something about it. This could be pretty interesting.


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