Posted by: kristagolden | February 18, 2012

Blackhawks-Blue Jackets Game 5 wrapup

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

6-1, Blackhawks

Goals: Derick Brassard (Columbus), Jonathan Toews, Viktor Stalberg, Patrick Sharp, Patrick Kane, Marcus Kruger and Sami Lepisto  (Chicago)

Goalies: Corey Crawford (33/34, .971), Steve Mason (16/20, .800) Allen York (6/8, .750)

The Good

As usual, we beat the snot out of the Jackets. As usual, Viktor Stalberg scored a goal during the game. That makes eight goals in five games this season. I think seeing them on the schedule gets a Pavlovian response from him.

After Derick Brassard scored first, Toewsbot Unit 19-C (Jonathan Toews) answered, and thus began the complete domination of the Blue Jackets.

Sami Lepisto made a major boo-boo when his puck turnover became the Jackets’ only goal. He was benched for the rest of the first period and all of the second, but when he was allowed out on a shift in the third, he redeemed himself by scoring his first goal as a Blackhawk. It was his first goal since January 15, 2011…when he played for the Phoenix Coyotes.

Nothing says "Sorry about my stupid turnover" like scoring your first goal in over a year.

Today was also a day of firsts: Dylan Olsen scored his first NHL point with a secondary assist on Stally’s goal, and Jimmy Hayes, brought up from Rockford to replace Andrew Shaw (who admitted he’d hit a wall in his play), got in his first NHL fight against Derek MacKenzie!

Corey Crawford, I never lost faith in you. I knew that if the rest of the team pulled themselves out of this funk, then you’d get your groove back. By the way, nice snow angel save!

"Here, Squishy Squishy..."

The Bad

Eh, the only bad thing was Sami’s crappy turnover. He was punished for it, so I’ll let it stand at that.

The Ugly

Dear Derek Dorsett: why would you voluntarily go after John Scott? He likes to play with his prey before he eats it, you know.

I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.

The award for Horse’s Ass goes to Steve Mason. After Kaner’s goal, he was pulled and decided to get a bit mouthy about it with coach Todd Richards. That elicited the following comment from Pat Foley (and I’m paraphrasing): “Who do you think you are, son? You’ve only won seven games this season and let in a goal that you should have stopped!” God bless Pat.

I think both of those incidents just underscore how desperate and awful the Jackets’ situation is right now, and between their 30th place standing and strong rumors of Rick Nash wanting to be traded, things don’t look like they’ll be getting better any time soon.

Fun fact: So far this season, Nash hasn’t scored a single goal against the Blackhawks. Do with that what you want.

Next Game

vs. St. Louis Blues

February 19


Home sweet home! What a way to kick of Hockey Day in America!

– Krista

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