Posted by: kristagolden | February 20, 2012

My hockey anniversary

It was one year ago today, February 20, 2011, when I saw my first hockey game.

It was a Sunday, Hockey Day in America to be exact, and the first game on tap was the Pittsburgh Penguins against the Chicago Blackhawks at United Center*. This was my first time watching hockey in general and these two teams specifically. I remember the pregame show because it was in Millenium Park and kept showing the Bean. Looking back, I realize it the reason I got to see the game is because it was the featured game for my region.

I honestly don’t remember the regulation game; all I do remember is the shootout. This is what caught my attention and made me notice the Blackhawks…and one person in particular.

While I still rooted for the Thrashers, this game got my curiosity going. I did my research on the Blackhawks and became very much attached to them. In the process I found myself magnetized by a certain Mr. Kane.

They played the next day, which is my birthday, and they beat the St. Louis Blues 5-3 in regulation. And Mr. Kane potted a goal and an assist.

The boys play the Detroit Red Wings tomorrow. I hope a certain someone gets a few points as a present for me.

– Krista


*For those who are curious:

3-2, Blackhawks (SO)

Goals: Patrick Sharp (Chicago),  Matt Cooke (Pittsburgh), Bryan Bickell (Chicago), Brett Starling (Pittsburgh), in the shootout Patrick Kane (Chicago)

Goalies: Corey Crawford (24/26, .923), Marc-Andre Fleury (29/31, .935)


  1. My first hockey game was back in the early 80’s in high school. We stopped off at the original Gonzo’s equipment supplier to the Blackhawks. It was a great game. And I fell in love with the Chicago Stadium. I promised myself I would be a season ticket holder. I obtained my dream for the last three years at the Chicago stadium. Now I have season ticker for the family for the Chicago Express. Let’s play hockey.

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