Posted by: emmaharger | February 21, 2012

Forget Linsanity, it’s all about Camper Fever

It’s safe to say Bruins fans are getting a little unsettled lately and looking for something, anything to goose the team out of its slump. While the trade deadline still looms and there’s no news on that front yet, there is a glimmer of hope who hopped a plane from Providence and joined the Bruins in St. Louis for practice today. His name is Carter Camper and I personally am so excited to see this guy get his first big-show call-up.

First of all, Camper and I are both 1988 babies and I guess I always like seeing fellow 23-year-olds succeed. Camper is also from Ohio, where much of my family (including my parents) calls home–he was born in Cleveland but his hometown is nearby Rocky River. As a result of growing up around so much water, he loves boating and fishing, so he must really like playing in Providence since it’s right by the water.

He came to the Bruins organization after four stellar years of college hockey with the Miami University RedHawks. (I didn’t go there, but both my parents did. That’s how they met. However, they graduated just before Miami organized its hockey program.) The RedHawks went to the NCAA tournament all four years of Camper’s era and visited the Frozen Four twice, including being on the losing side of the 2009 championship game against Boston University.

He went up from Oxford to Providence three times at the end of his college career, but this is his first jump from AHL to NHL. This season, he has been very, very good for the P-Bruins. He leads the team in points and assists, he was the team’s only representative at the 2012 AHL All-Star Game and on Sunday night he scored his first hat trick. Perhaps that hatty inspired the Bruins to bring him to St. Louis.

While he had a good practice today and impressed the coach and beat writer–I cover that in more detail here*–there’s no official word on whether or not he will play tomorrow. Frankly, I think he should. He’s a right-winger, so he plays the same position as Nathan Horton, and the team has suffered without Horty there. Maybe a right-winger capable of prolific scoring could help the team emerge from its funk.

*Yeah, from now on I may sometimes pump my own tires by linking to my hockey writings on Yahoo and Rant Sports. Those are written with a more professional tone; writings here will become a little more personal, a little more offbeat (expect to see more animated gifs in my gamers, based on mood, I’m just saying), etc. These are all very good things for my portfolio as I grow in my field! Please do check out my other works when I link to them.


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