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Bruins game 58 wrapup

Boston Bruins at St. Louis Blues

4-2, Bruins

Goals: Brad Marchand x2 (Boston), Milan Lucic (Boston), Chris Stewart (St. Louis), Ryan Reaves (St. Louis), Chris Kelly (Boston)

Goalies: Tim Thomas (30/32, .938%), Brian Elliott (15/19, .789%)

Writeups: Yahoo and Rant Sports

The Good:

Two good things happened before the game even started. Shawn Thornton, who missed practice and said he was feeling a little under the weather, decided to suit up and play. Jack Edwards said it best:

(I didn’t know he worked in a steel mill!)

Another great Twitter occurrence? Marc Savard began predicting again. I thought it had been a longer time than it actually had been since his last prediction–he incorrectly predicted Thornton would score on the night of the 0-3 shutout against the Hurricanes–but it was still great to see that he was feeling in the mood to predict. (He said recently that he was sick.)

So Bruins fans entered the game with those two encouraging bits of news.

The Bruins began the game at a blistering pace, creating two great scoring chances in the first minute of play. This tempo continued and then Brad Marchand scored an unassisted beauty not long after that. You have to watch the video–check it out here. This marks Marchand’s 20th of the year. Last year, he promised team brass that he could score 20 goals a season instead of the 10 they expected of him.

Adam McQuaid took on BJ Crombeen soon after Marchand scored. Crombeen got the takedown, although he followed McQuaid to the ice and Quaider got in some pretty good licks before he went.

Carter Camper, the Providence call-up and Miami grad, took and won his first faceoff. (Actually, right after he won the faceoff, McQuaid and Crombeen danced.)  He won all his faceoffs in the first period, although he was benched for much of the third period as Claude Julien shortened the bench in hopes of holding on to and extending their lead. Julien seemed pretty impressed with what he saw from Camper, though! Better yet: somewhere in the Scottrade Center crowd was someone holding a sign that said “Welcome to the NHL Carter Camper.” Man, that’s gotta be cool.

I kind of love this photo. Look at the happy Bruins fans--and then the one Blues fan glugging his beer.

Milan Lucic extended the Bruins’ lead to 2-0 in the first, assisted by new temporary linemate Chris Kelly. I think the Lucic-Kelly-Krejci line might be a good thing. Kelly works hard and is a great centerman whereas David Krejci has been struggling a little lately, but seemed to play differently–good differently–on the right wing. Heck, at one point, he threw a hit on someone. Later on in the first period, Kelly scored, assisted by Lucic.

Playing like a man on a mission.

 Marchand scored his second of the night in the third period with some stellar work from his linemates. Throughout all these line shuffles, it seems like the Bru-Tang Clan line is the one that remains the same…that’s for a reason. These guys work. It was hard work by Patrice Bergeron that started the play. He passed it to Tyler Seguin, who sent it across the ice to Marchand, who took it on a breakaway and scored. Oh, you know what? VIDEO TIME! If only to hear how Jack Edwards is so excited!

We beat a team that hadn’t lost in regulation at home since the beginning of December. (In fact, their last regulation loss at home was against the Blackhawks!) Having a game like this really did re-energize the Bruins fan base. Let’s hope they can ride the momentum into Buffalo.

The Bad:

Zdeno Chara still had a little weakness in the second period, which was notable for pretty much nothing. He had another giveaway that could’ve resulted in a Blues goal, but Tim Thomas saved his bacon. Chara, stop being so charitable in this situation!

Actually, some of the game was notable for a lot of this:

Look, if I wanted lots of icing, I’d make a cake. Actually, that cake right there looks pretty good.

The Ugly:

Boston: the one team in the NHL for whom a 2 goal lead is actually a source of worry. This time, they did manage to overcome the setback, but still.

Next Game:

vs. Buffalo Sabres

February 24


The Bruins begin the final leg of their road trip with a return to the team that gave them their most ignominious defeat of the season so far. Oh boy…Also watch out for what folks might say about what Marchand said about Buffalo even though he later said he was joking. Hmm…


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